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Quote: Originally Posted by forex Dude,just buy whatever you need. What makes you think that there are must buy items?FYI, Darltons aren't must buy,they are $500 and hardly a good deal. Considering it's closer to 475, that they can't be had for cheaper new, and that Alden cordo is 600+ (more for the brown shades, which is most similar to the Darlton color), it's a pretty good deal.
This thread is very SF-circa-06/07.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ianiceman This thread is brilliant. Perfectly illustrates the pitfalls of asking for advice on here as we may appear to be of one accord it's clearly not the case. That for me, the only brogues I like are longwings gunboats, all others look too prissy to me. Sidebar question - the classic colour for Cordovans is burgundy #8, is there much to be gained in getting black Cordovans over black calf shoes? Surely the patina...
That. Longwing is the classic format for #8 shell.
Quote: Originally Posted by stevenvg shell? Uploaded with Certainly looks like it from the ripples.
Quote: Originally Posted by HarleyBob Based on your comments, the following are my conclusions: 1. You must have little or no life and therefore have the time to provide more than 4,000 posts on a forum. (Yeah, I know, a lot of people are out of work with this bad economy and all and it's probably not your fault your wife left and your kids don't want to have anything to do with you.) 2. You must be incredibly intelligence and you have an amazing...
How often did you wear them? And how far do you typically walk in them when you wear them? Also, honest question, are you heavyset? Heels wear out much faster than soles, not a big deal to get them replaced. Depending on how you walk, in addition to the above factors, they could wear out much more quickly than normal.
The extra slims are only 1 inch slimmer in the waist than the corresponding slim fit, while they are something like 3-4 inches slimmer in the chest. If you have a large drop, it is not the right cut. My guess is that you sized up to make it fit in the shoulders/chest at the expense of a baggier waist. You'd have better luck buying a slim fit the size down. That is, unless your neck demands the size you're currently taking, in which case you should go MTM or just deal with...
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Yes, but Aldens are just fine. Darltons probably have a better finish. Nitpicky point, but the Aldens are a longwing, and the Darltons are a shortwing; also something to consider.
What are people's opinions on GMAT vs. GRE? I've read everything from doesn't matter, to no one actually applies to B school with the GRE (most cite the statistic that only 1-2% of each admitted class took the GRE). Any validity to either claim?
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