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Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain Anyone ever decide what last they are on? Grant, I believe.
J Press has one, made in England (not sure by whom) and there's a 25% off coupon right now. Makes it around $550. STP used to have gloveralls, which will be cheaper (and perhaps they make Press' version?).
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Jiffy for lapel steamers?
I wear an 8.5d or 9c in Barrie, 9d in everything else. I took a 9d in the darlton wingtips. I think the double sole and overall stiffness produces heel slippage until they are broken in. Before I bought, I read several past threads that seemed to mention this phenomenon. The 325 last seems to run TTS when sized American (aka Brooks).
NSM is pretty hyped up.
Extra point for the misspelling of Allen's surname.
Quote: Originally Posted by rabidawg It can be yours . . . for those cold, lonely nights. That is the archetype for this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred The PRL Bradford is canvassed. It's just as slim as the RLBL, but without the strong padded shoulders, which makes is much more versatile. I've never seen one that is (same goes for Garrison cut). You 100% on that?
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Dude,just buy whatever you need. What makes you think that there are must buy items?FYI, Darltons aren't must buy,they are $500 and hardly a good deal. Considering it's closer to 475, that they can't be had for cheaper new, and that Alden cordo is 600+ (more for the brown shades, which is most similar to the Darlton color), it's a pretty good deal.
This thread is very SF-circa-06/07.
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