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The reason RLBL has a larger shoulder measurement is because of the padding--it will naturally be extended somewhat compared to a shoulder with little or no padding. Despite the differing measurements, both varieties could fit the same size shoulder, so I wouldn't just go by measurements alone. Personally, I'd be a bit skeptical of that kind of revelation--have you really had that hard of a time getting OTR jackets to fit in the shoulders? If it truly were the case that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard Seriously. Even assuming an additional charge of $20 for trees, plus $10 to $15 for shipping, plus let's say 7% tax, the $280 firsts with trees end up around $336 all in. For $36 more, you get a better and non-flawed shoe. Of course, that assumes you could actually find Strand firsts on sale for $280. The Strand is a popular model and doesn't go on sale as often as other models. Full retail is usually around...
Quote: Originally Posted by nolan50410 First time poster; be kind. I've always been a fan of Ralph and it's been interesting watching the line(s) grow since I was in school. We pretty much just had Polo and that was that. It just seems like the newer lines have grown and succeeded at the expense of the Polo line. Purple Label, Black Label, and Rugby all have very defined aesthetics and levels of quality. Their target demographics are very clearly...
Grant model is awesome. I take the same size in it as all other polo models. It is a much softer construction overall, and fits slimmer in the body OTR.
In before story (of dubious authenticity and replicability) of some dude being upgraded to first class on a flight due to being well dressed.
If I were to do it, I'd do it in black shell as opposed to calf.
Quote: Originally Posted by jtbassic Ahhh crud. They don't have my size. Not that I'm going to jump at anything yet but I'm a 38S......can I have a 38R tailored? No, not advisable to shorten jackets. It's possible in certain instances, but you probably need to have a better developed eye for proportion and balance before you'll know.
I remember having the suede Peal chukkas in my cart two years ago for $159, about to check out, decided to wait on it, and then lost out. Probably the only item I've regretted not purchasing.
I remember the difference between seeing the Aldens in person and on my feet vs. in pics--it's a world of difference. Barrie-lasted shoes always look a million times better on the foot than in a photoshoot (even the PTBs, which tend to look the blobbiest), whereas you often observe the opposite with elongated, overly sleek chisel toed shoes that many times look better in pictures than on the feet and in the context of an outfit. That, and those who complain about them...
Lufty, that is your look. Whoever said the suit doesn't fit doesn't understand the concept of in motion pics.
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