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If they are unidirectional, take them off the rims and swap. They will still be turning int he same direction, but the side that was on the inside of the car will be on the outside.
If you ever get one, be sure it doesn't require the metric tires. PITA. Otherwise, it is one of the most gorgeous cars ever made, though a little under-horsepowered by today's standards.
Nice pic on tumblr. A Radiomir fan, no less! Following you now.
So, how was the drive home in the new girl?
That looks fantastic. You won't pass many of those on your way to work.The drink may happen sooner than you think. I'm in Memphis. I'll buy if you are down this way.
Congrats on the new wheels. Many people prefer the lines of the hardtop to the convertible. The body style of the X100 is truly classic. There aren't many cars that will turn heads 10 years on. Does anyone really care about a 10-year old BMW 3-series or MB E-series? Do 10-year old models of either of these really catch your eye? Not me, and I'm a bimmer fan. The 911 is the exception to that. And so is the XK series. And depreciation has about hit the wall for...
Let's try again with the link: Jag Forums
The good thing about these car is that the reputation of dodgy quality follows them even though they really cleaned up their act when Ford bought them. Now their quality and customer satisfaction is in line with any of the other luxury brands. The upside is that the cars get hit with heavy depreciation so you can pick one up for a song.The X100 body style which is what I have was available from 1996 - 2006 and in two configurations - the XK8 has a normally aspirated...
I love my '02 XKR. It is a substantial car, but with 370 HP it will move down the road with ease. The plastic part mentioned in a previous thread is the cam chain tensioner. It was plastic up until mid-2001 when it was changed to metal. The best source for Porsche info is at Rennlist. I know you said you were too lazy to register at another forum, but you can peruse the forum without registering.
I know where you can get one of these.My Jag XKR
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