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Action. Apologies for exposure, shirt is cream. Thrifted Club Monaco for cheap H&M Shirt Uniqlo Belt FH 3001 Mezlan Boots
H&M top FH Vans
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster The cool late-Spring day version of my standard Fall outfit, with linen replacing wool: Still feeling a bit sick, the scarf was mostly for comfort. I feel like I should have seen you around philly by now. Anyway I keep thinking about getting that scarf every time I am at H&M, but I feel like it would be really uncomfortable and wouldn't look good in person with how stiff it is.
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota Which jacket is that, Cleanline? Acoustic? Either way, it looks pretty good for not being a pic on their site. How was the sizing on that? Acoustic. Its quite stretchy and comfortable.
Quote: Originally Posted by LooseChange FH? i have no idea what that is, but i'm liking the fit what's the rise on those? Not sure what the current rise is, probably about 10"
^^Oop... I guess I'm not much for reading. I just say the word 'denim' and thought 'no mjk nooo!'
I think the denim game is already totally flooded with lots of variety and quality. I think the nature of the MJK designs being sort of new and fresh in a lot of ways wouldn't translate well to denim where people tend to stick with tried and true.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Why am I at work? Friday: W&H MIJ denim jacket (three way view of the fit above) Helmut Lang t, circa 1999 Nudie SS in flame selvedge Ironheart brown cowhide belt All Stars by Varvatos Bicycle chain bracelet by Jennifer Green with sterling clasp Tiffany Etoile band in platinum Rolex (yawn) DateJust in SS - B Really gotta sag those jeans a bit I think.
That green almost looks grey now (which I like). Any chance we could get a full body shot of the green and black on you, though?
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