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Hi Charlie, I am thinking of ordering some belts from you. I need advice of the colour in your selection which most closely matches: 1) the "Edwardian" colour of Edward Green shoes 2) the "Dark Oak/Dark Oak Antique" colour of Edward Green shoes Thank you
My Carmina shell cordovan whole cut has developed many ugly water marks because of rain. I am really disappointed at this outcome.
My recently ordered Carlo Franco ties have arrived. They are beautiful as I have always known them to be.
Does anyone have an E-mail address or Telephone number to reach Chuck or Jill? Thank you
I must have close to 80 shirts from Jantzen and most of them are still in my regular shirt rotation. I also have shirts from WW Chan, David's Shirts & Ascot Chang and other less well-known tailors. Fabric wise, it is true that the Jantzen fabrics do not match those from the other shirtmakers (which offer mainly Acorn, Thomas Mason, DJA, Albini & Alumo). They usually are not as fine and they do not launder as well. But at a small fraction of the cost of the rest, the...
Yes, that is the building. And Joe's shop is in the arcade on the ground floor.
Joe has closed his shop at Fuji Xerox Towers quite a few months ago. The only shop - quite a spacious one - he has is at Golden Shoe Market (adjacently across Capital Square), 2 mins' walk from Republic Plaza.
Got this from a shop from Florence: http://www.parris.it/images/products/D241_0.jpg (The picture does not do the bag justice)
Allen Edmonds used to be available a few years ago in a limited selection of styles in 2 places: 1) Takashimaya Dept Store (or was it Isetan?) 2) A shoe called Petite Finesse (if my memory of the name is right) in Suntec City. I remember the Park Avenue to be priced at close to S$700 at that time. They are no longer available as far as I know. I am curious to know how Berluti will fare in Singapore too. I agree with the general observation that Singapore does...
New Posts  All Forums: