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Can we just agree that every jerkoff who runs out and buys Sperry Billfish without ever having owned another pair just ought to be shot? The Billfish are hideous abominations of boat shoes. The color is awful, the mesh is utterly unnecessary, they look ridiculous with a jacket, and they are an overbearing sign that you are a wannabe-frat-prep fake who jumped on the bandwagon 6 months ago. The beauty of the classic Original Boat Shoes is that you can wake up and put them...
Don't wear a belt; wear suspenders. It will dress up a khaki suit for the wedding. I agree with the chestnut brown shoes.
He also is wearing neither vest, nor suspenders, nor cummerbund. Not a fan. My general disposition is that black tie is meant to be black tie; don't try to make a statement with it. I will say, I'm a big fan of Lily Pulitzer's new tuxedo shirts; I wish I could find a pic of them online.
Do the world a favor and stick to clip-ons until you learn how to tie a tie properly. Your shirtsleeves are all too short, as well, but no one will notice it past the mountain of a tie knot.
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