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You can't appreciate how goofy Star Trek IV is until you understand just how looney the "scientific concensus" on whales was back in the '80s. An animal too stupid to swim away from ships that are hunting it is supposed to be smarter than us? Carl Sagan really got caught up in it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVOk7p-deRU&feature=youtu.be&t=622
You really have to admire those Tie Fighter pilots--willing to follow anybody, anywhere. Also, earlier I'd said something about recycling popular Star Wars tropes. . .
It wasn't supposed to be a summary of the trailer, but, now that you mention it, it works.
Nostalgia's not the problem, it's that that'll be all there is. Nothing fresh or original or risky, just a polished (looking) action movie rehashing all the popular Star Wars tropes.
Did you guys all forget Lost or the new Star Trek movies?
You realize the post you're criticizing was in response to "she's legal," right?
You don't *have* to mortar down a border course. You can use plastic paver edging, at least if the slab is close to the ground. If it's done properly, you could go right off the slab onto an adjacent stone/sand base. An ordinary crack wouldn't be a problem. If the concrete had shifted dramatically then, yeah, you shouldn't try it. But that should be obvious.
You just sit them right on the concrete, leveling with sand when necessary.
If you're going to lay pavers, why do you want to resurface the concrete first?
Just when I was getting caught up, I was sitting on the patio taking a break when I noticed several large lizards and newts on one of the doors to my shop. They were eating termites coming out of the door frame. Great. Metal trim around doors is awful. It's easy to damage, hard to repair -- and you can't tell what's happening behind it. I pulled it off and found that some buffoon had already replaced the bottoms of the door jamb and brickmold, but apparently didn't bother...
New Posts  All Forums: