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Two of my neighbors resodded their yards with Zoysia this last year. It does look nice, but I wouldn't prefer it to St. Augustine, especially if you have a shady yard. I prefer St. Augustine because it stays green much longer than other grasses in the fall. In my somewhat limited experience it's also more disease tolerant than the centipede most people (including me) have for most of their yards. I am sick and tired of dead patches in the spring from fall fungus or extreme...
Best advice I can give would be to watch several youtube videos and use your common sense to decide who's giving the best advice. Read the comments. I've never found a good all-in-one source for that kind of thing. The guides published by magazines are mostly useless.
If you haven't pulled the trigger at Lowes, you can get a $200 gift card for $175 today at eBay. Just in time! http://www.ebay.com/itm/200-Lowes-Gift-Card-for-175/251727624691
I have a fair number of Hitachi tools and they're all great, so I'm sure it'll be fine. They're probably all made in the same Chinese factory anyway.
If it's the C12FDH, watch out, there are a lot of bad reviews on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Hitachi-C12FDH-12-Inch-Bevel-Miter/dp/B000E7YQ40
You replace the Rs with random numbers. Kind of a grey area but they've been doing it for years and years without Lowes ever complaining.http://slickdeals.net/f/7071014-lowes-com-coupon-code-for-20-off-100-10-off-or-10-off-50-25-off-250A 12" is larger and significantly heavier, but there's a very real increase in cutting capacity. I prefer the accuracy of a fixed 12" over something like a sliding 10". The sliding saws have a very large footprint too.I would figure out the...
One good thing you can say about slab foundations, at least, is that they don't rot when the toilet leaks. If you enjoy DIY there's a great deal on a 12" DeWalt miter saw online at Lowes or Amazon. It's $200, but you can get 10% off Lowes with an online code. Beats waiting in line at the store.
It doesn't need to be that, just a little wear on the pad so a corner of the heel is exposed. I've long since given up trying to stop them.
I don't really agree. A worn finish hides dents better than a harder wearing one. It's the gloss from the finish that really makes dents stand out. The hardness ratings measure the amount of force it takes to make a dent. That means that impacts that didn't dent your floor would have left depressions in softer wood. Considering how easily oak dents I would be very reluctant to go with anything softer, and walnut is significantly softer.
It's not wear per se, but dents. Meaning that when you drop something, when someone steps too hard with the corner of a heel, when something is dragged or moved roughly, etc., you're going to end up with depressions in the surface of the wood. These will stand out more than scratches would, and they're harder to repair.You'll end up with lots of marks like this or this (from google image search):
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