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When I first read the above comment I thought it was about squirrels, and I was going to ask where you get this spray...
Can't argue with you about the last part.
Misting and sprinkling are basically the same thing. If you use something that's intended to be sprayed like Bifenthren (sp?), it works by killing mosquitos when they land on shrubs or grass to rest or feed, either one is a perfectly fine way to distribute it. It only needs to be sprayed every couple weeks to be effective. If you're trying to kill mosquitos with something that's intended to be fogged and you're using a mister or misting sprinkler head to distribute it,...
Nice!In all seriousness, I like that idea. I have a device called a "fertigator" that I intend to install some day that pumps fertilizer (or pesticides) into your sprinkler system in an automated way. I was thinking I could install a reservoir for insecticide and spray my backyard and front shrubs with it for a (relatively) small cost. The insecticide itself only costs about $1 per gallon for the mixed solution at full strength. It only needs to be sprayed every couple...
In terms of space it's a lot more efficient to have the garage facing the road. I'm not sure cramming a side-facing garage into smaller lots is any better, either. You often see neighborhoods composed of little sub-2000-sq-ft houses that are tough to tell apart because they're all shaped like an "L."
The trick is to get a house with two garages so you can park in the garage _and_ have one for a shop.
Are your roads actually made of asphalt, or have they just been resurfaced with it?
One big difference would be the color rendering index of the lights. Cheap LEDs tend to wash out color pretty badly. > 80 CRI is usually thought of as being pretty good for LEDs. Good fluorescents are 90% plus. Cheap LEDs might be in the 60s.ETA: IIRC for an LED to get the "energy star" label it has to be 80% plus CRI. You might look for that.
While it's *generally* true that PMI depends on equity and appraisals are the measure of the house's value, that's not the case with recent purchases if the sale price is below the appraisal. At least, it's not the standard policy of lenders. It may even be a federal law or regulation. I am not sure. But if I were counting on avoiding PMI with this scheme I would make sure to verify the plan with a lender ahead of time. 'Cause I doubt many (if any) would go for it.
How does this get you out of the PMI? It doesn't matter what the house appraises for if the actual purchase price is lower.
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