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Wait till you get the ER bill. The last one I got was $600 per stitch. After that I made sure to figure out exactly where the nearest urgent care clinic is.Absolutely. They make UV resistant clear coat after all. Not sure it'll do anything for the heat though. With a view like that I'd get a better air conditioner.
"And that is why you fail."
I disagree. It'll be a shallow nostalgia-fest, well-received at first but inspiring little passion or continuing interest. See "Star Trek 2009."
The trick is to cut the hole in the ceiling and not in the floor above it.
Capacitors are incredibly easy and cost about $10 on eBay. But in addition to cutting the power, you also have to short your old capacitor out before you try to remove it, just in case it's still holding a charge. It's easy, just make sure you use an insulated screwdriver.
Because they didn't know what they wanted to do when they shot it. They probably still haven't made up their minds. I think I've already said this.
What have you done?
I did like the one scene where the guy (apparently) wonders whether he might be a robot, too. He's seen too many movies!
So I saw Ex Machina. I liked the idea, the atmosphere, and the buildup, but where it all led was horribly contrived and nonsensical. Then I find out it's from the same guy who made "Sunshine" and "28 Days Later." Surprise, surprise! [[SPOILER]]
Air conditioners only have two settings -- on and off.* If it comes on and works like it should when it's on, but isn't coming on reliably, it's usually the thermostat. It's amazing how awful programmable thermostats are. I had one that started short cycling the a/c by running it for six seconds every time it cut on or off. Another one had a bad switch that didn't reliably make contact on A/C mode. Both developed these problems within a year. *I know some new high...
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