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Farmers (used to) run this state. $6.00. Measured the tree and I'll need to drill 8 holes per treatment. It's not a huge tree, but it shades my workshop and my collection of (semi-valuable) tropicals. If you have a tree you want to keep, drilling holes in it is generally not a good idea. But about 1/3 to 1/2 of the canopy of this one is dying back a few months before it's supposed to in the fall. Even though it's generally healthy you can see that it's stressed the...
Sent in some leaves from my tree to a local university, and got this response (typos in original):Damn.Looking carefully around the neighborhood, there are actually a pretty good number of oaks and sycamores that seem to have it. Some of them look terrible, most seem like they're going to be around for a while anyway.Anecdotal reports on the internet suggest that the tree might hang on for decades. It's fairly healthy still. So I guess I won't panic yet.ETA: The treatment...
Ever since Obama needed to fluff his resume a little, we're calling adjuncts law professors, so...okay, sure. I guess it's literate editors CNN really needs, anyway.
You left out the best part of the quote:CNN should start requiring a high school diploma or equivalent for its editorial writers.
I guess you could laugh at the New Yorker for publishing it.
Mark Fuhrman framed him.
Love it when the moderator steps in to say something that's misleading at best, really outright false.
At least he quit sniffling.
I wonder if Hillary rehearsed.
Trump is going to get killed [figuratively]. But even if he somehow doesn't, the media's going to say Hillary won.
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