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Yeah, public servants. Everyone thinks the heart of the democrat party is welfare queens, but it's really all the middle class liberals who want to be paid generously to take care of the welfare queens and all their kids.
They're talking about those combination oven/stove things you sometimes see in apartments and house trailers.
They're not children because if they were children killing them for convenience would be evil.
Hillary wasn't a pragmatist so much as a left-wing ideologue willing to compromise as much as it took to win, very much like Obama. She just miscalculated.
Everybody already knows he's a blowhard and a bullshitter, even his supporters. They just don't care, given the alternatives. Trump exaggerates and he lies, but it's always about petty things. It's just a quirky, harmless part of his personality. At least, it seems that way because the media is so overwhelmingly biased, hyperbolic, and dishonest that any legitimate criticisms are drowned out.I honestly wonder whether Trump provokes them on stupid things like crowd sizes as...
It's gonna be a long eight years. Hah!
Nothing says irrefutable proof like citing random tweets from random people for your numbers.
Liberal protests usually hurt their cause more than they help, but this one is especially bad. Let's show the rest of America the countless throngs who subsist off Washington's bureaucracy and the buying and selling of influence in the capital. It's like something out of the hunger games.
Yeah it's really surprising that Parasite City didn't turn out for Trump.
How President Trump will shape the federal courtshttps://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2017/01/20/how-president-trump-will-shape-the-federal-courtsThere's more including a circuit-by-circuit headcount.
New Posts  All Forums: