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I don't really disagree; I was just responding to specific claims that were made by another poster.Regardless, I think there's something to be said for the argument that Trump has more fundamental potential to steal democrat voters than Hillary does GOP ones -- based on the positions he's taken, I mean. He's certainly much more like a Democrat than Hillary is like a Republican.Whether that actually happens or not remains to be seen, though I tend to agree that it looks...
Also, here's the CNN exit polling from the 2012 presidential election (one the Democrats won, obviously):
According to the CNN Mass. exit poll, 87% of GOP primary voters had "some college" or more education. Trump got "only" 40% of the votes from those with college degrees or above.
They killed a little kid in the same episode and no one really cared.
I can't say there was a particular extra I disliked, if that's what you're asking. Maybe that scene where they go black pilot, woman pilot, alien pilot, hispanic pilot in about two seconds? Honestly, it's not the sort of thing I'd complain about if it was a better movie. It sure ain't that, but you see every critic praising it for its "diversity."
There are two complaints about the "diversity" in the new Star Wars movies. The principle one is that it's just poorly executed -- forced, obvious, and jarring. Distracting, but also diminshing of the movie. Not only because you would like to think the resources that went into the diversity checklists could have been used to make a better movie, but also because it gets them a pass with the critics. And it works, as the Force Awakens is generally regarded as a good movie...
"Do as I say, not as I do," eh?
Or of a specific planet, I guess. You sure got me there.
The Kamikaze pilots were a model of diversity. Good counter example. I stand corrected.
Fighter pilots being a famously diverse lot.
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