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I frequently demonstrate that you've said something wrong and that you look like an idiot? Don't be so harsh on yourself. I wouldn't say your unreasonable construction of his comment made you look like an idiot. An ass, maybe. But not an idiot...
Yes, if you can't say something about a group that's true for every single member you shouldn't say it at all.
The claims might be more credible if they'd come out before the video instead of after.
If he insists on doing it that way I'd walk it and identify every joint you didn't like and insist he shuffle them around until everything fits like you want it.
If the pavers are different thicknesses I don't see how you can level that without the sand bed, yeah. But as far as them being loose or rocking, sand should take care of that. When I did it, I didn't use a sand bed over the concrete because I didn't want to raise the floor up any more than necessary. That's also a consideration.
I've put brick-sized pavers directly over concrete and had it work just fine. After tamping and watering in (or hitting it with a big plate vibrator,) the sand works into all the gaps and everything locks up solid. Not saying that's the correct way to do it with larger pavers. I just don't know. ETA: And I didn't put any sand under it to start, either.
We don't really know whether Pharaoh had a supreme court or not, do we?
Aschaffenburg? That can't be real.
Admittedly I'm no historian or building materials expert, but I seem to remember that in the pre-synthetic-fertilizer days ash was very valuable. Back in colonial days they used to burn down entire forests just to get it.
Air? Sand? Vacuum? Closed-cell polyethylene foam? I don't know.
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