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Of course it can't just be the same model they used in the original movies. It'd be like a fighter plane from the '70s still in service today...absurd.
IIRC bad school districts don't really start to fall behind until the kids are a few years past kindergarten. A couple years probably won't set junior back for life.
Unvented gas fireplaces are easy to tear out and easy to put back in if you really need to.
Yeah, tomatoes, and a few cucumbers and peppers.You're describing blossom-end-rot, caused by calcium deficiency or irregular watering habits, depending on who you believe. I haven't had that problem -- I made my own potting soil according to the popular (online) 5-1-1 recipe. It's just pine bark (literally cheaper than dirt here), perlite and peat moss. Since it's a very acidic base you put in a measured amount of lime -- which happens to be mostly calcium. I actually did...
The container experiment is still going well, though I have been getting drought stress and what appears to be nutrient deficiency. So I laid down $20 for a second irrigation controller that can do 8 starts per day for the drippers. For the nutrients apparently what the cool kids do is get a fertilizer injector for the drip system to continuously feed liquid fertilizer [since granules are dependent on top watering to release fertilizer]. The good injectors ones will set...
I assumed you meant pederasty. But yeah.
No, for all we know from the book too. Tyrion romanticizes the first girl because she's gone. But how well did he really know her? Would she have run off to marry him if he'd just been some no-name commoner she met on the street? Surely she'd met a few before him and never married any of them. If anything Tywin probably thought Shae proved him right all along and that Tyrion would come around to see it. Plus, he doesn't know Tyrion knows she wasn't a prostitute all along.
I'm sure he knows it'll piss Tyron off; it's not like it's the first time they've had that conversation. Tywin's just too confident Tyrion won't actually shoot him.The irony is that he was totally right about (book) Shae, and for all we know, right about the other girl too.
Tywin's feelings toward Tyrion are too complicated for him to just drop a facade. The best part is that he's surprised Tyrion would actually shoot him, and I don't think it's because he really believed he'd fooled Tyrion or that he thought Tyrion was too cowardly to do it.
I hate to keep pressing you, but, you know, there's a lot of arguments in the post. Which is the fallacy?
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