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It's always amusing to see the contrast between the almost uniformly negative coverage of Trump and this fawning idiocy:
Got a long ways to go before I'm at the level of "pedophile slang" and "fucking Jews," I'll give you that.
Did they charge him with attempted murder because the guy was already dead for the second volley? Ordinarily attempt is harder to prove than actual murder.Or did they just do it as a sleazy way to get the jury to convict him of something?
The Other Bernie was acquitted, IIRC.
Hollow point bullets!
Don't cold medicines also include pain relievers and decongestants?
Mom seemed to be taking the deaths of not one but two of her sons pretty well. Strange. Then they said she had 11 kids.
Bodymore Murderland.
He never said that. Letting states raise their minimum wages higher than the federal minimum isn't "abolishing" it.
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