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So apparently one of the major antagonists is a girl stormtrooper. At least it will make sense this time when the Ewoks beat her up.
Every time you read something about the new movies, remember: This movie is being made by the guy who made Star Trek: Into Darkness. I'd be willing to bet the most representative thing released so far is the goofy three-bladed lightsaber.
Other than the fact that every Jedi continues to dress like they live in a desert because that's how Ben Kenobi was dressed when he lived in a desert in Star Wars?Maybe I'm a bit tech un-savvy, but [[SPOILER]] .
Outlets boxes are almost always attached to a stud on one side or the other. From there you can probably extrapolate the rest of the studs' positions if they're 16" on center. Also you can use a magnet to find the studs by looking for the nails or screws holding the drywall on. That's another good suggestion.
I wouldn't give up on the stud finder. Like I said, the trick to using it is that you can't start it over a stud or other obstruction. Put it flat on the wall and press the button, let it calibrate, then move it around. Do that a couple times, turning it off in between attempts. Try it higher and lower on the wall, or left and right. When it hits 16" (or maybe 24") on center, you've found your studs.
Does it have mounting points/hardware already? I bet it doesn't. A mirror that large is probably supposed to be glued in place rather than hung, at least I would think. As far as finding studs, it should be easy with the stud finder. Just keep trying different spots until you get 16" on center hits. The thing self-calibrates when you first activate it, so start on different spots. If it still doesn't work, get a flash light and holding it up against the drywall looking...
Wait till you get the ER bill. The last one I got was $600 per stitch. After that I made sure to figure out exactly where the nearest urgent care clinic is.Absolutely. They make UV resistant clear coat after all. Not sure it'll do anything for the heat though. With a view like that I'd get a better air conditioner.
"And that is why you fail."
I disagree. It'll be a shallow nostalgia-fest, well-received at first but inspiring little passion or continuing interest. See "Star Trek 2009."
The trick is to cut the hole in the ceiling and not in the floor above it.
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