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I liked the girl with the whip. She wraps it around you Indiana Jones style... then what? She rears back with all 80lbs and pulls you off balance?
Ignore the point, attack the joke, declare victory. Masterful.
Been a while since law school but I don't remember either of those as being defenses to murder. Besides, when book Shae did that, it made sense because she was just an ordinary prostitute and Tyrion was projecting traits onto her that weren't there. But the show Shae was a totally different character. Who knows how she ended up with dad?
Unless you're paying utilities or they're causing excessive extra wear and tear you should let it go and count yourself lucky that you have good renters. If you're worried about them stiffing you or damaging property by all means get the guy to sign a lease so you have some recourse against him too.
Believe it or not there are people out there who are touchy about strangling your girlfriend to death.
I called it "rape" earlier because I knew that's how it would be perceived. But I'm not even sure it was. Remember that Sansa had a choice to get married, she knew that sex would be an inevitable part of it, and that she's there pursuant to some (inexplicable) plan to revenge herself on the Boltons. If anybody's getting raped it's poor Ramsey by way of false pretenses.
The people that make this show sure do like raping virgins, don't they?
Water is abundant around here, but it's also spectacularly expensive because of the (supposed) cost of sewers and treating waste water to the feds' satisfaction.
Avoid corner tubs in general, unless you don't ever plan actually use it. They're tremendous water wasters.
The garage definitely can be partially conditioned space and I think there's real utility in insulating the door. But this is a separate building from my house. I am insulating it because I plan to keep it climate controlled. Comfort is one reason, but another big one is humidity. Wood for furniture needs to be stored at humidity comparable to a house or it will warp when brought inside. There are also big temperature / humidity swings around here so condensation is a...
New Posts  All Forums: