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Air conditioners only have two settings -- on and off.* If it comes on and works like it should when it's on, but isn't coming on reliably, it's usually the thermostat. It's amazing how awful programmable thermostats are. I had one that started short cycling the a/c by running it for six seconds every time it cut on or off. Another one had a bad switch that didn't reliably make contact on A/C mode. Both developed these problems within a year. *I know some new high...
So this came out on blu-ray and now it's 16:9. What the hell? ETA: http://davidsimon.com/the-wire-hd-with-videos/ Basically, they decided to shoot the whole thing in 4:3, then they sold out and gave their approval to butchering it into 16:9, and that's the only option for the bluray. Ugh.
The Stannis plot last season reminded me of Oregon Trail. "A thief came in the night and stole seven oxen and two thousand horses."
It seems really obvious to me that the "deaths" were all ambiguous because the writers haven't decided what they're going to do for next season. Call me cynical.
On my stovetop it would be very easy to do since the stainless top just comes right off with a few screws (IIRC). No idea about others.
All this complaining about rape is getting tedious. Really tedious.
Oh, and the mountain got poisoned, too. Am I forgetting anyone else?
I don't think so. He offered but Tyrion heroically stepped in and stopped it from happening.
What do they do, anyway? Jamie is supposed to be one of the better King's Guard, and he doesn't notice the world's most obvious poisoning, even after Joffrey and Bronn had both been poisoned within the last few months.
Admittedly, I'm from a place where it almost never snows, but it seems to me that the higher the wall, the more snow there's going to be built up on the outside of it. Especially if it was on the northern side where the sun never hits it.
New Posts  All Forums: