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Miele S7 for 250 bucks! miele S7 > dyson ball
no, retard, bumping is against the rules
Quote: Originally Posted by Kvc06 I don't understand why my thread was just locked I've lowered the price multiple times, and the only other time I've bumped is to answer questions and according to the rules which I read prior to ever posting: " Answering questions is semi-acceptable" 167 posts, 20+ for sale threads created, joined nov 09
yeah, pretty much
Although i dont bother anymore, i have marked 100s of posts as being against the rules, i dont recall seeing any locking or deletion of marked thread
Althought i dont post much anymore, i do frequent the buy/sell everyday what the fuck happened to no free bumps? Im really sick of the first couple pages full of niketalk crap because dudes are bumping their threads 3 times a day. HELLLO?
post a price then
the ak jacket, is it down filled? For a medium, does it fit large?
they are size 15
i havent seen this jacket before, its really cool
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