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225 for all 6
Didnt work today so i was in bed. Heard a knock on the door, took me a second, grab a pair of jeans and headed downstairs only to see the fucking truck driving off. 2 cars in the driveway, obviously people home you fucking douche
Quote: Originally Posted by jet ebay? no, canadian tire, they removed them off the shelf. I had to get one from the back storage area. I assume they are discontinuing the sale of them
What boggles my mind is that a gitman vintage or BoO or similar streetwear button up can sell for 100 used but i havent even had a smidgen of interest in these shirts. what gives? 250 for all the shirts!
price drop!
6 shirts for 275, are you kidding me??? everything price dropped
yeah i have some smart wool socks as well, which are great for winter
are under armour socks like dri-fit? If so those polyester wicking fabrics make my feet sweat even more
I have enough dress socks, but i seem to go through athletic socks fairly quickly. I like these hanes socks, they are the higher quality of the two types sold at the local zellers but even those dont last long. Curious if there are quality athletic socks, or if these are one of those disposable parts of a wardrobe
since i sold them all, i should probably mention a find i had last summer Wife's mom has a summer home up north near a small town called Orillia. Pretty much white trash crapsville. I check out the goodwill there everytime im up, one morning i was going through the shirts and noticed an odity, a brand new Steven Alan shirt. I dont even think there are any retailers in canada selling steven alan, let alone any place in b.f.n orillia. I end up going through the rest...
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