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price drop
Quote: Originally Posted by rajesh06 You are probably going to have a hard time selling a lot given that the sizes are all over the place. Not sure who would want to buy both a 16 and 17+ shirt. Just saying. I understand the sizes are all over the place, but i bought the lot from a single individual and assume that they all fit him.
its the same jacket check out the dirt on the patch this seller is why the buy/sell forum is shit
165 pardon me http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...hlight=moncler you are a douche. The jacket is dirty as hell too, look at that patch
didnt the original seller have it listed for like 120?
price dropped tonight, 200 for all 6, who the hell is passing this up?
So, the funny thing is i dont play video games that much. the sad thing is im on my third xbox now, and going on my 3rd controller in less than a year. Ok, so my first xbox died, red ring of death. I bring it back to the store i bought it because i had a 1 year warranty. They replace it and a month later i get the n75 (or something like that) code error. So now, im on a microsoft replacement, who knows how long that will last. Last night, playing some battlefield...
228 posts, been around since november more than likely this jacket is fake
dropped prices yesterday
dropped prices this morning
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