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the jeans, raw or one wash? They are womens jeans?
it was nomad
ill give you 100
Girlfriend is buying me a present for my birthday goes to a toronto boutique looking for a shirt or something for me. Talking to the guys in the shop, she mentions styleforum, then mentions my username, store attendant turns around and walks away after mention of my name
those are really nice!
yeah, because all the shoes are beat to hell and disgusting looking expect rotten hamburger feet when you put these on
Last week i was driving home from a job site downtown toronto. I drove by what i could only assume was a barber run by the same guys as nomad/goodfoot. Correct me if im wrong. I forgot the name of the barber anyways, im stopped and look over, guy walks out of the shop to do something out side he looks like an EG model, all done up. Dude looks retarded. I can appreciate all the details in individual pieces, most of my casual warddrobe has become eg, but the guys...
i have had both systems, i prefer the 360 because the controller is the most natural feeling controller to play, ever.
first three shirts sold. remaining three shirts are 50 for all three
Quote: Originally Posted by mystillwater i'll bite... check my sig for link to items i'd sell or trade. i'm looking for red wing boots in size 9.5D or 10D especially the iron ranger or gentleman traveler. aldens in 10D suede bucs in 10D something in shell cordovon size 10D black fleece ocbd or other slim options in BB1 or 15/15.5 33 or 34 Levis 1947 501XX 34x34 RRL Raw Slim or Slim Boot in size 32 Filson Bags especially a 257 or weekend...
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