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how are you expecting to sell with no detail shots
Im tired of jeans not fitting and/or falling apart i have 100 for a quality pair of jeans that have been soaked or prewashed in a close to raw appearance with a 31 or 31 actual waist measurement. Nothing too low rise, nothing too fashion forward. Just a standard pair of repo type jeans
I would like a casual pair of khakis with a somewhat substantial fabric. Not winter weight but not shirt cloth lightweight. waist 31, length doesnt matter. Not too slim but measurements will be helpful
damn you being large, i want the diamond shirt
I really want to go on vacation soon, for like a week. End of july/august sometime doing the research is giving me some serious anxiety to the point that I dont want to go anywhere whats the solution?
dine in restaurants are WAY dirtier than big fast food joints. If i had of chopped a finger off in the tomato dicing machine at mcdonalds in highschool, they could have done emergency surgery on the floor without concern for infection no problem
thank god you joined this forum!
the denim isnt selvege
measurements on the black shorts plz
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