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timpo, glad to see you still repping EG
kiton ending up in a canadian thrift store is interesting, just like the 15 steven alan button ups i found in orillia
post up pics of the soles, especially the heels
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason This is just awkward, don't do it. 'this is my favorite site, this is my favorite video' rofl
if im having any sort of doubts at this stage, would that be a pretty good indication that things are through?
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Also, haven't you voiced a concern with your girlfriend's appearance/weight before? That's going to play a role in how frisky you're feeling. I have, didnt go too well but she makes an effort now. She truly is beautiful and im a lucky guy to have such an attractive girlfriend. She looks better than ever now, but my weiner stays stagnant
Been in a relationship for 5 years, and personally ive had no sex drive for most of it i find myself looking at porn generally not because i want to beat off, but more because im bored. but i check out porn quite a bit in my spare time on the computer. what are your thoughts?
makes you look gay
button or snap on the pants?
fuck, i would much rather have this zippered jacket than my buttoned wwm parka
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