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bump to $150 + cost of shipping
Beautiful leather jacket that I impulse bought. Retail of $1400, paid the equivolent of $500. Looking for $500 US + actual cost of shipping, or else I'll just return it. (I have until february 24th) Size small, black leather, sheeps skin lining. The leather is buttery smooth but very thick. Golden bear makes an incredible jacket.
bump to 200
bump to 225
pit to pit: 21" sleeve length across the shoulder and down: 33" shoulder: 20"
Up for sale is my woolrich woolen mills field jacket. Black cotton exterior, wool interior. Detachable wool lined hood that buttons up around the neck, snorkel style. With the hood removed, lapels can be folded down and it can be worn like a bedford style coat. asking bump to 200 + shipping
Recently, my glasses have sported a white haze on the matte, textured portion of my glasses. Any thoughts? It cant be scratched off with my finger nail, and washing them, which i do often, only makes it more apparent, as there are no oils from my skin on the plastic. Used goo gone to no evail, rubbing alcohol.
shout out to Dave, the styleforumite who my ex-girlfriend dated immediatly after i broke up with her in a pathetic attempt to hurt my feelings and funnily enough get me back, at the same time. I guess buying her a BMW for her birthday didn't work?
Listed are a pair of moc toe boots, brand 'artic boot', they are essentially red wing rip offs. the leather is nice, construction is good. They are new, but have marks from being tried on. The leather is red, not oxblood. they are labeled a size 8.5W, fit a 9 as well. asking $100 so i can get rid of them quickly, before i wear them myself. shipping will be $20 in North America, including insurance
APC new standards, size 32. Black. Slightly stiff. No wear. Paid 120, asking 75 + shipping Hot soaked them once, but considering they are sanforized, no change in dimensions. So they are still too big. They are clean, havent been worn since last soak. Levis vintage collection 1957 501. size 31/34. have nice beautiful fades. soaked a couple times. Unfortunately ive gained some weight and i cant button the last 2 buttons anymore. They are clean, havent been worn...
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