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Left all my shoe things in Singapore; besides, I figured, I'm coming to the home of English shoes, right? Not such a good idea because I don't know where to start (apart from going down to Jermyn St and hitting everything). Would love to get an idea of what I can expect to find here, where, and how much approximately. Looking for a place to buy shoe cream and leather conditioner, as well as a good cobbler (the tip of my soles are a little scuffed). Black for now,...
the same crowd here that will drop by LV will buy berluti in a heartbeat.
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 What is the actual name of that style of leather patch? A shooting patch? Falconer patch? Rifle patch? yeah, i'm actually quite interested in the history behind that particular style of patch on the shoulder. anyone?
one year on bump! some of the photos are down, at least on my computer, is it just me? does anyone have a saved copy?
didn't martin ksosoh threaten kiya when self edge didn't want to carry yoropiko? i remember that being a funny story... did he draw his tag out on powerpoint, or what?
apparently rachmaninoff made a comment once that Art Tatum was the most complete/best pianist in the world? somebody confirm this little rumour i heard? my list includes liszt glenn gould argerich (on occasion) bill evans keith jarrett
i google Blazer5505 to no avail, except for one report... how did they figure out this particular ID was his?
haha, my bad the last i heard, william walton's concerto for viola was the shit as far as viola was concerned...i'll go and look for berlioz then
it's a pity mendelssohn passed away at...what? 37 or something. it's scary what he might have achieved otherwise. never heard it, sorry! (more likely that i've heard it, but never gone to find out what it was) is it a notable extract for the viola?
his E minor? yep i've played it but i prefer to listen to it (and i do that often)...i don't do it justice perhaps when i get to looking at the piece properly again i've been listening to pieces with a strong viola part recently, i think i've developed a real keenness for that instrument. mozart's sinfonia concertante, duo (for violin and viola)--all with great viola lines. in the hands of a good player like david oistrakh the viola provides some beautiful colours to the...
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