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http://www.styleforummarket.com/the-new-hopper-boot-preorder-viberg-for-styleforum-shipping-worldwide-included-50-deposit-until-may-15-2016/try that one
Thanks. My brother ( the wearer ) and I will be up to your shop in May. We're visiting NYC to hit up all the clothing stores on SuFu and sf.net.. hahThese were actually purchased as an xmas prsent in Dec '09 right when you announced them.Really really been interested in some of your shirting and custom shoes. I'll see how much of a budget I can get together for the trip Can you detail how the wilshire fit, other than 'better' ? What's different.. They seem slimmer but...
The amount of SLACK cut to Drew is ridiculous. I KNEW I would have no chance of forum sympathy when my order was completely wrong so I just left this forum because it was an ugly reminder about how bad online communities can be.Except back then it was SHHH, HE'S BUSY MAKING OUR JAWNZ.It's funny when I was 13 I was majorly into the 240sx. Sport Compact Car had just came out with their issue on the 240 and I was saving up all my cash for a swap when I turned 16. I ended up...
All the info you need to know is here:http://www.styleforum.net/t/155729/eps-denim-by-epaulet-official-thread2x mfg defects, top fly button came off and the chainstitch waistband unraveled early on.As far as I know these will never be produced again. Certainly not at the $145 price Raw, bought 2 pairs. 2nd pair has about half as much wear. Here's a few more shots, including the only hole in the jean. You can see how the crotch is in 100% pristine condition. My brother...
Teaser... 5.5 years and 1k+ wears. Pretty durable denim. Could wear for another 1k easily.
I LOVE how this TOJ shit is just blowing up now. I don't even know the story over the past 5 years. I ordered something back in 2010. A $550 calf-skin moto and I sent in very detailed and precise measurements and the product I got back was COMPLETELY wrong. Wrong shoulder, over 2" off, wrong length, over 2" off, terrible fit, only thing right about the whole thing was the sleeve length but it looks so bad I can't even wear. Just hangs in my closet as a remembrance to how...
Teaser Purchased in 2009, over 1000 years, waistband repair and top button repair. 2x mfg defects. Kind of plain cone denim, but super durable otherwise!
Got my Yuketens up for sale. Thanks for looking http://www.styleforum.net/t/278242/yuketen-maine-guide-db-size-10-5
Hi I am selling my once worn Yuketen Maine Guide DB Size 10.5 It is a beautiful leather shoe but I got a little crazy on cyber money so I won't be able to keep everything I bought. Here is a link from Context http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=2380 It originally went for over $500 Here is my shoe: Free shipping! Please don't be afraid to negotiate over PM. Thanks for looking
Freaking killed it today at Jcrew.com!Ill be sending most of it back but hopefully I can pick up a few good things.
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