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Billy Reid Threw this on at the mall thinking it would fit like all the rest of the terrible peacoats I've tried in the past no matter the designer. Fit was perfect! Very nice quality too. Functional handwarmers and pockets.
Yeah I decided a little heel slip may be ok. I will have to see how they break in.
new Pecos
That's interesting point you make about insoles. These boots have none. Could give a lot more flexibility if I go a little big. Thick boot socks and insoles. Would give me around a size to play with.
if you just take a vintage pattern and repro it needs to have the length made longer. Also on a long sleeve the sleeves made longer..
Got a 10.5D Smokejumper to try on.I made a red arrow where its a little tight. In the blue area I definitely have a little spaceThe ball of my foot may be a little forward of the widest part of the inside of the boot. The heel feels ok, but the instep may be a little tight, that may be just the arch-ease..This is how much room I have in the toe:Boots look good!I asked about an 11C Brandon from Baker's said:Some other opinions would be appreciated.
The Black RRL denim fits a full size tighter than the indigo. Maybe just size up?
Yeah not going to double the midsole. I think it looks cool but it's too much... I agree with others in that I wouldn't lower the standard heel but if I want with the blocked heel I may do a 1/4" lower. I want the heavy duty lugs, but I feel that the black is not for me so I will try the honey. I found a 10.5D in a stock makeup to try on locally Thursday. I will hopefully know a lot more then. Would still have to decide on last though. What made you guys choose 55 vs...
Think I found my makeup. I saw these on the forum:'s-semi-smoke-jumper-roughout Thought hey.. those might look good with the honey vibram 100. So I googled "roughout honey vibram 100" just to get a feel for the roughout and honey on any boot and found out that Zodiac actually has done a White's makeup like this in 7" with a double midsole. Quite...
new Aldens ugh...
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