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Sulphur dyed black does fade pretty well;Snapped these real quick; brand new vs worn on and off for 2-3 years, multiple washes.
With the Dirty Fade model it's the Warp that is beige, weft is white!
Naked and Famous - New Fall/Winter 2014 Items Two more items from the FW14 collection recently arrived. A "Skinny Guy" Stretch Corduroy in Burgundy, and a "Slim Shirt" with a Kimono Flowers print. The Naked and Famous "Skinny Guy" Stretch Corduroys are made with a soft corduroy fabric that has a bit of stretch making them incredibly comfortable. That, plus the nice fit make them a great addition to your fall wardrobe. These are in burgundy and you can expect some Amber...
Naked & Famous F/W 2014: First Release - - - "Weird Guy" 13oz Selvedge Chino in Burgundy The first of our Naked & Famous FW14 collection has arrived. Introducing the Weird Guy 13oz Selvedge Chino in Burgundy. Two years ago we collaborated with Naked & Famous on a red chino, and we still get customers asking for this one to come back as the color was easy to coordinate and wear. Finally N&F has decided to make a similar red, and this time as part of the their regular...
After a soak, and then wearing for a few weeks, mine almost returned to pre-soak measurements. About 1.25" stretch in the waist.
Size 31= 32" waist. *edit* He followed our measuring guide and sent me his measurements off his favorite fitting pants, After comparing the thigh, rise and waist of his other best fitting pants to the 0701 I recommended a 31. -Kevin
This is because they are made by Big John in Japan, based off the Super Skinny Guy pattern. Same thing with the Kamikaze attack x N&F collab which was based off their Skinny Guy. -Kevin
All kinds of shit that will blow your f''ing mind!
Our friends Sandy & Emil Corsillo over at The Hill-Side have recently released a video that gives us a peak into the creation of one of their most unique fabrics: the Old Virginia "Modified Herringbone". Combined with a video they made last year showing the weaving process, they offer an amazing look into the process behind the product. The first video shows us "Old Bob the Weaver" and his vintage 1939 Crompton & Knowles W3 shuttle loom. Bob's family has been weaving in...
Yes, I got it, along with about 200 other e-mails today. I will try to get to it by tomorrow. Best, Jay
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