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El Argentino is exactly right, never expect more than .5" in the thighs. Most stretch will be between .25" - .5" with almost any denim, so it is important to make sure that area is to your liking.
You should expect normal stretch, about 1" in the waist and .5" in the thigh.No great fades on the new Rogue fabrics yet, since they were released recently. 3sixteen is definitely another great option, and their 140x fabric sounds like it could be right up your alley.All solid choices, I'd choose first on fit, and second on what denim you already own.
I don't see this fabric changing much. The dye is a deep navy, and very consistent throughout the jacket, which would seem to indicate a strong dye.The shirt is overdyed, which will take most of the shrink out of it. I don't see it moving very much, if at all.Returns for store credit or exchange for a different size. We can always work with you to find something if the shirt isn't quite right.
We've picked up two amazing natural dyed pieces from Momotaro for this season. First up is their standard 5oz indigo chambray shirt which has been overdyed with green tea. This gives the whole shirt an earthy green hue, and an amazing smell. The cardigan is a soft loop-wheeled fabric dyed with natural indigo, creating one of the richest and most unique blues in the shop. Momotaro 5oz Selvedge Green Tea Dye Chambray Work Shirt - Model MS033T. 100% cotton, made in Japan....
What did you have in mind? We brought them on for their basics, and we're happy with them, but if something too cool to pass up comes up we could carry it.Since you've already done made in Japan and Europe, how about made in USA for the next pair? We're really impressed with Rogue Territory's seasonal fabrics this fall (the Slub and Overdye).
Currently no plans, just too busy to handle a sale this season.We're expecting those two sizes next shipment, three to four weeks out.The BOM009 jacket is not being re-made.
We're proud to announce another new collaboration with Japan Blue, the Broken Twill Deep Blue "Monster"! This denim was created because we have never seen a heavy weight broken twill, nor one with a dyed weft.  We also wanted to offer the amazing deep blue dye in a sanforized fabric, because we understand that the risky nature of unsanforized does not appeal to all denimheads. The Broken Twill Collaboration does not have a slubby vintage texture like the Unsanforized Deep...
While they're both indigo/black, they've got pretty different characteristics. The Deep Blue Monster is an unsanforized slubby heavy weight that has a ton of character, and even more after its soaked. It is in a tapered fit, which will have more room in the top block and and a slimmer leg opening.The 0702 is a smooth sanforized denim sitting at a more medium 15oz weight. It uses higher quality cotton, and is in a slightly tapered fit.Our fit with the strongest taper is the...
The way the SK is cut hemming it up that far won't change the leg opening too drastically. The Gustave has a lower rise in general, especially back rise and the shape will change the leg opening a bit.
New Tanner Goods Wilderness Rucksacks just landed! These are similar to the Wilderness Rucksacks that we carried from them last year except that instead of two pockets on the front this one has one large gusseted pouch that provides a significant amount of extra storage. As we have come to expect from Tanner's bags this thing is loaded with amazing details and craftsmanship, as seen in the solid brass rivets, button studs, and buckles. As well as the flourishes of...
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