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Can those turnouts w/natural sole be ordered from any of the online RM Williams sellers, or does one have to go through RMW directly?
They look exactly like the AE Presidio with a different sole. (The sole on the BB version appears nicer to me). I like them...
Quote: Originally Posted by hansw18 Rider, in Richmond for the week and just picked these up on sale. Love 'em. IMG_0638 by hansw1814, on Flickr IMG_0637 by hansw1814, on Flickr What is the fit like for you on these? I ordered the same/similar pair on Amazon recently, in a 9.5. (I normally wear 9.5-10 in US sizes). They are too big, but I can't decide if it's worth trying a half size down.
You definitely don't have too much free time.
It's probably just the pose, but that guy looks pregnant. Which I find unattractive in a man.
Damn, I wish I would get some shoes with a Patek in the box.
You have a rough life. Maybe time for suicide?
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Taking a break in the listening nook. Record: Various, Kosmos: Soundtracks of Eastern Germany's Adventures in Space Is that the JCrew cotton sweater from the current season?
Quote: Originally Posted by PaoloM We all have different taste. Listen I have all of Alan Flussers books and I myself own what others have called "old man balmorals" but I think that those shoes are just over the top and outdated. Don't tell me I don't know anything about design, I come from a family of designers. I know how to design, and pretty well since I can design, manufacture and sell my own jewelry. Try doing something like that. I don't...
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