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Sorry if this is noob but when does the Mr. Porter black Friday sale usually start?
Any update on the Museum calf sneakers? I don't check this thread often so sorry if it's been posted. It has been a long wait...
@epaulet Any update on museum calf sneakers?
Any update on Museum calf sneakers? Didn't we pre-order these in March or April? :/
Update on leather bags and museum calf sneakers?
Eta on museum calf sneakers and leather bags?
I have the carmine/white sleeves varsity jacket from the last run but it's too small for me (bought medium, need large). Wore it twice so it's basically brand new. If anyone wants to buy it from me ship me a pm.
Also curious about the museum calf sneakers.
Any ETA on the museum calf sneakers?
Sweet, thanks what I put when I placed the order. Picked up two suits, Seersucker and Platinum Salt and Pepper.
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