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Quote: Originally Posted by HelloIDistance Just shave your head son I agree. I had long hair for years and one day I just had a friend shave it and its been super short ever since.... and the ladies love it.
Vibrams are the best. I bought a pair this past summer and fell in love. For the uninitiated: http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/pro...s_footwear.cfm
Quote: Originally Posted by Ludeykrus This is why instead of giving up on meat entirely, I would rather shoot and kill my own animals. This way, I know that I am helping the habitat, I am humanely killing my food, I know exactly how my food is handled and processed, and I actually have to have the animal die by my own hand for me to be able to use it. This makes sure that I keep keep everything in perspective, and that I respect the...
...and it's going pretty well. I didn't eat much meat anyway before, and now I'm just not eating any, though I'm still eating eggs and dairy. The reasons are partially moral and partially health. Furthermore, I simply don't trust the meat in this country, or anywhere else for that matter. In the short term, I feel fine. I'm putting less grease and bad cholesterol into my body. No more fried chicken, no more greasy bacon. I love the taste of both and will miss them...
Making good money working for myself, finally home, done with finals, driving my car for the first time in 9 months...
Quote: Originally Posted by Half Honky I want to get in a fight, just some straight up fisticuffs. Every man should learn how to take a hit to the face. I've found that rarely do fights actually happen like that. It usually ends up fighting dirty and short. Most swings taken are misses. Then you get lucky and slam someone's head into a wall and it's over. It is most definitely not like this:
You should get a bike You can ride it if you like
Here's the best way to save money: be single.
Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus I thought this thread was going to be about chicks with dicks. This was my immediate thought. Some of my best friends are women. Although there is a semi-sexual part to it with girls often and women are seen as being more open about emotions, my male and female friends are quite similar in the things we talk about and bond over. We tend to see ourselves in our friends, which is a big factor in the...
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