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Dior 21cm mijThese have been worn on/off for ~4 years, but much more frequently over the past 18 months (grad school).I have not kept up with the # or frequency of washes, only that I wash them when they get dirty. I'd guess anywhere from 3-6 months between washes. [[SPOILER]]
I can't put any weight on my right foot for the next two months (at least) because of a torn plantar plate. Fuck this sucks
I have oily, sensitive skin and have good results with Cerave Moisturizing Cream
Bought a cashmere hoodie for my gf. She really likes it but wishes the pouch was lined. The single layer doesn't offer much warmth
ugh missed out on the first round of hoodies. Anticipated restock date? EDIT: nm Feb, 13 per the website
Longtime Everlane customer here. I have at least one of just about everything Everlane has ever sold (except the accessories/bags). My gf does too. I'm on t-shirt number ~20 right now and have had sizing or destroyed-after-one-wash problems. I get more compliments on my red Everlane poplin than any other piece of clothing I own. The cashmere sweaters are better than you'd expect for their price and continue to be sturdy after 6+ months of wear. Great looking website and...
Just FYI for anyone trying the Bronners tea tree soap and conditioner. Based on recommendations from SF I tried the above method for almost 8 months (using PB's method described in the SW&D hair thread) with pretty horrible results because of dryness which led to excessive dandruff. I've always had problems with mild dandruff but it's been so much worse since using the Bronners products. Like a fucking avalanche every time I run my hand through my hair. The tea tree soap...
You do realize that GS has a $100 (sorta lol but you get the point) price target for KORS and was their top rated pick this year. Jeffries has a price target of $85. I bought KORS a few months back with the intention of selling if it hit $72. Now that it has, I'm still selling a % but feel almost silly doing so because it has so much momentum and love from institutions and retail investors.I've never looked at JWN but don't buy OTM short-dated options if you're simply...
Did anyone hold KORS through earnings? They (predictably) beat again. Looking to lighten position at $72 but there is still upside potential at that valuation. I don't have time for a detailed write-up but if you have some time check out MXG.TO they have a super-interesting conference call on Friday.
My red poplin and white linen shirts arrived today. I'm 6" 155lbs and went with a smallI've only tried them on for a few mins but I was really impressed, especially at $55 each. An incredible value when you compare it to BoO (retail or on sale).The linen was soft, light, and airy..draped nicely. A bit see through however.The poplin fabric is light (def a summer cotton). The cut is slim but not too narrow. The taper isn't that drastic at all.I would recommend purchasing...
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