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if you can make it work i would say hold out for the P3. components used make it a world apart from the RP1
Quote: Originally Posted by dahl5yankees Yes, I believe in God. I am a Christian. God sent his son to die on the cross for me, to take my punishment that I deserved, and through faith and trust in Christ, I have eternal life. Without Christ, you will be eternally separated from God in Hell. We all have sinned, made mistakes, but if we confess them to God and ask Him to forgive us, believe and trust in his Son, Jesus Christ, you will be saved. Read it...
interested in black tigerfleece and ndg x W&h inXL
Quote: Originally Posted by ToruOkada Found the herringbone shirt but not in my size. The shirt is alot softer than I anticipated. Still haven't decided if that's a good thing. funny because it looks exactly like a shirt the flathead put out last F/W, although i doubt the fabric is of the same quality. seems they have been pretty blatantly ripping off from the Japanese "repro" market in their styles lately though.
christ, every time i order from them it is processed and travels across the country (could not be much farther from the store and still be USA) in 2-3 days. ordered on the 2nd in the evening, shipped on the 3rd, recieved on the 5th. thank you. service from them is always incredible
fit pics of 510XX-10SP
its proboably more like 11.75 looking at the picture it is standing up on the seam. i'm told these dont really shrink much during soak though. people from 2nd said, when comparing similar sizes of the 21oz to the 17oz S5000VX during this transaction, the 21oz ran smaller pre-soak by a tiny bit.
its true, no more S5000VX 21oz will be made. i had an friend with a small clothing store in tokyo call samurai for me to see if it was at all possible to get another pair made in size 32,.. and they said no, not making that style in 21oz anymore. somebody give me a solid, reasonable offer adn they are yours.. i need to find another 21oz denim quick.
s5000VX 17oz and 510XX-10SP 15oz both still available
still available...make me some offers
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