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Liked the reference to PGA Tour v. Martin, which did not in fact decide the rules of golf but rather whether or not the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to the PGA. It's also worth noting it was a 7-2 decision with only far-right Thomas and Scalia in dissent, while Chief Justice Rehnquist joined the majority.
Quote: Originally Posted by dusty Isn't it only cheaper because of corn subsidies? If not, why is HFCS far less prevalent in other countries, even Mexico where HFCS would be cheap to import? Yeah it's almost exclusively because of our horrendous subsidies and the equally putrid farm bill.
Anyone here do work in constitutional law? That's my passion, my interest. Has been ever since I took two semesters of conlaw as an undergrad. The "prof" wasn't a prof at all, but a lecturer with a JD who formerly worked for BigLaw in St. Louis. She told us from day one she would be teaching the class like a law school one, and she wasn't kidding - Socratic Method, law briefs, reading 150 pages of cases a week - it was intense, and I loved every minute of it. But...
Mass. Street was crazy enough tonight, I can't imagine what this city will be like if we win it all. I've been looking forward to this matchup with Roy ever since I came here, but if we play like we did tonight against UNC, we won't even have a shot at that championship. Kudos to Sasha for stepping up though, he carried the team tonight.
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan Guys need that vaccine too. Wish public health officials realize that. Of course given that the HPV infection rate is well over 50%, it's too late for most. There haven't been any clinical trials of its efficacy in men, so the FDA and others can't recommend its use for that purpose.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sartorian Lousy lying feminists. They just need a good beating. I don't think it's a good beating they need. There's another action verb that seems a bit more apt...
I think we should all be concerned that two of McCain's top foreign policy advisers are none other than William Kristol and Robert Kagan, two intellectual/philosophical fathers of neoconservatism as it exists today. That alone is enough to make me oppose McCain, since anyone who has actually read the philosophical underpinnings of neoconism (as opposed to the garbage that passes for talking points on TV these days) knows exactly how dangerous it really is.
The one time I took it, I wrote a paper; finished the entire week's worth of homework; cleaned the apartment; paid the bills; created an Excel spreadsheet to track the bills, their due dates, monthly averages, projected annual expense, and cost savings vs. my previous apartment; and read half a novel. All that in one afternoon/evening, while normally I might have gotten the paper about halfway done in that same amount of time sans Adderall. That's when I learned this is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas It's more of a tangential subject but applicable all the same - Influence, by Robert Cialdini. Great book about persuasion, and helpful in understanding how our decision-making faculties are swayed. Great book. Seconded. It was a very illuminating read, and potentially quite helpful. Now if I'm ever in the middle of a large crowd and in need of immediate help, I know how to act so that they don't all just...
I recently found some Nag Champa scented candles at a local hippie store, and while I don't think they really smell much like Nag, they do smell delicious. More classy than incense, less pothead-coverup smell.
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