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Awesome!I'm saying goodbye to my 7-days Portuguese today, it finally found a new home. I love the aesthetics of the watch, but its hockey puck like size and shape made it a difficult choice whenever I opened the watch box. Neither sport nor dress. I still have my Fliegerchrono, so thankfully I'm not totally IWC-less I might regret this, but they are not really that hard to find again should the "goodbye" only be a "see ya later"
JLC MUT Moon today, such a modern classic from JLC
Thank you! Vintage Omegas are clean, cool and affordable. I think this one would cost as much as the rubber strap for the AP ...Not so sure about the ostrich leg strap I put it on though?
I'm so happy for you and your family, stitch! Congratulations! Two pictures from me today. Saturday I wore my AP while enjoying the warm weather, today my Sunday watch was a vintage Omega Seamaster De Ville
Seems to summarize my entire approach to this whole watch addiction thing Yeah, not sure if I $20,000 love it either. Have only tried it on briefly, but I'm trying to rectify that. Not sure when or if I'll ever have the chance to try on the platinum version without ordering it, not something my AD has in store I imagine. Of course, at the pricepoint of the platinum, the competition is even fiercer.I'm with you, thin watches 37-40mm is a sweet spot for so many occasions....
Not really. I work in a casual techy environment, and even as a consultant they expect to get a creative/geeky looking guy, even tucking my shirt is over the top But I do find my smaller and thinner watches extremely work -and everyday-friendly, more and more. The MUT Moon gets a lot of use in the summer, just as perfect with jeans/chinos as a with a suit. My watches (and their owner) tend to thicken out a bit in the dark months (which to be fair, are 9 out of 12 in my...
I would choose my old 16610 date Submariner. For looks and for function. If I had to choose a cercamic Sub, not sure. I really, really like the one frills got on. Very handsome, and now with a fantastic bracelet. Like with every other watch: try them on. One of them will smile to you
I think aesthetics make up most of the difference. The date window in itself creates an asymmetry of course. But plenty of folks like the Sea-Dweller even if they would choose the no-date Sub over the date Sub. So I guess the cyclops is an issue? The cyclops is a pretty low tech solution to a practical problem, and definitely not particularly decorative.Myself I quite like a cyclops on my Oyster I find it an integral part of the Rolex DNA, that awkward little blob is what...
I'm happy for you, no frills! The no-date is a no-brainer But hey, I kinda like Subs, didya know? Myself, apart from honeymooning the AP ROC, I've been obsessing over the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle Small Seconds lately. Yes, I read Hodinkee, and yes, I am easily influenced. Super hot in rose gold, and stealthily cool in platinum. I have been wondering if one of these could take the place of my JLC MC chrono (and maybe MUT Moon) Which is crazy,...
I'll take that badge of honor and wear it proudly! Thanks guys You need a nice place to stash your watches when there is no more room left on your arms, you know?
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