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Merry Christmas, people! Picture taken just before leaving for church. I am a sentimental soul, and for Christmas Evening nothing but my late father's Certina will do. No Patek, no Jaeger, no Rolex. Certina it is.
Is it possible to identify this camo jacket? Tommy Ton, Paris photo ... French (or other) military field jacket, or something fancier?
Nice GPs! Rose gold JLC for me today. Attending an event at my local AD after work, looking forward to geeking out over watches and have a glass (or two) of champagne
MG85, the Daytona is a fantastic watch. I'm sure you will be very happy with it! It was my grail for many years, probably fueled by the hype surrounding the watch some years ago. I worked for a (not Rolex) AD when I attended unversity, and spent a lot of time around watches. Like you I wore a TAG at the time, even that expensive for a student I thought. All the time the Daytona was on my mind. After graduating, working for a couple of years, I bought my first Rolex. Not...
IWC Saturday. This watch, for some reason, really puts a smile on my face every time Much more so than my 5001, go figure.
Thanks! I have a writeup somewhere, I'll do some quick copy/paste:The Heuer flyback chrono is usually known as the Heuer Bund, as it was issued to pilots in the (West) German Bundeswehr from the mid-60s. It features a Valjoux 230 flyback manual chrono, and was made in a large number of variations, mostly by Heuer (but they were also produced and rebranded by Sinn for a short period.) There are many excellent resources to read, google or try...
Very autumny lately. Chunkier clothes calls for chunkier watches. Norwegian Airforce issued Heuer flyback chrono, anno 1974 (Watch not that chunky really. Kinda flat.)
Looks like the new 41mm ROC And thanks guys, for all your thoughts! I'll ponder and juggle my spreadsheet. (What, you don't have a watch spreadsheet?) See what needs to be done. I'm moving out of the city and buying a house this year or the next, so every watch purchase must have to be financed from the existing collection. New self imposed rule Apparently my daughter gets more enjoyment from a patch of grass than a(nother) watch to inherit
Thanks guys! Haters and enablers alike I love getting this kind of feedback, any discussion here in TWAT is taken (semi)seriously, gotta love it!Regarding the RO Jumbo, new or old: Yeah, gotta love that one. I used to have a 15300, but never took to the bracelet. The Jumbo is much more like my Nautilus, like a cat's tail around my wrist. But then there's that, I have a Nautilus. The PP wins every time, sorry.With this purchase I was wanting something frivolous, the watch...
Yeah, thinking about the strap only. The bracelet is too much, and not as comfortable on my wrist.
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