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Situation report from last night: Sipping champagne, cooking birthday dinner for my better half, enjoying my nipple dialled Sub, taking cheesy pictures of it all.
Summer finally arrived (or stopped by) in my northern corner of the world. Enjoying the evening sun, 7-days Portuguese on my wrist.
Found the pic (not mine) that made me want a gold Rolex in the first place
Thanks! Our very own Singular has some: http://www.singularstraps.se/shop/category/nato-guld/Also got some here: http://www.strapcode.com/store/nato-gold-edition-c-229.html?infoBox=0here : http://www.ebay.com/itm/NATO-Watch-Strap-Gold-Plated-Buckles-Heritage-Stripes-or-Classic-Bond-/300597068885?pt=UK_Jewellery_Watches_WatchAccessories_SpareParts_SM&var=&hash=item45fcfb4455and here:...
The bezel started out as the regular brown bezel for the gold GMT . Now it's a spectacular purplish-red-brown fade. I wish I could say that the patina is the product of many years of baking under the mediterranean sun, but I know for a fact that the baking was done in the former owner's oven My (not so original) assumption is that a lot of patinaed tritium and bezels are made the same way ...With a black bezel and a green Nato, you have a different look altogether
Thanks! Hehe, I do bring it out of the house, don't worry. Although it seems to have become my choice for relaxed and casual evenings.Not every dressy event requires a dress watch, I agree. I won't hestitate to pretend to be James Bond and wear a steel Sub on a Nato to any fancy party It's only the full gold bracelet look that I'm not comfortable with. (On me, that is. Others will surely pull it off.) I will however happily wear my gold GMT on a strap with anything
Re all gold pieces. I only have one gold watch on a bracelet, and it can be a bit much. I've lusted after an all gold Daytona, but on my hand it just wasn't right. I prefer the more rugged look of my transitional Sub in gold, somehow the black bezel rights what is wrong with all that yellow gold Wearing a gold bracelet with a suit (or even a dressy shirt) also seems off to me. I prefer it with very casual wear and settings. Like lounging around in my favourite old sweats
Thanks! I found a spare 11630 case with the custom display back on eBay a few years ago, so I can't claim the idea for my own. But I agreee, the movement is indeed worth seeing. And always a nice conversation starter to explain the first auto chronos and the microrotor and everything. I hava a Siffert (white/blue) Autavia as well, but the silver dialled is almost as rare.
Vintage Heuer Autavia this evening. Rosé in the glass, warm breeze. A nice view of the automatic (spot the rotor?) movement, thanks to a custom display back.
The VC American is super cool! I stopped by my AD wednesday, tried on some dressier watches. The 40mm VC Patrimony was just too large and flat for me, but (as expected) the JLC MUT Moon 39 was right on the money! Sigh, I now have a new desire ... Considering the prices of VC in white gold vs JLC i steel, the outcome of the visit could have been worse though
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