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Yeah, thinking about the strap only. The bracelet is too much, and not as comfortable on my wrist.
I am (once again) contemplating selling a bunch of watches, including an IWC Portuguese 7-days, vintage nipple dialled 18k GMT-Master and original Jo Siffert Autavia, to fund an Audemars Piguet ROC in rose gold. Am I crazy? Or am I Ari Gold?
Ah, such lovely Pateks. I recently had an old NOS domed plexi installed in my 5513. Got to love that distortion, so much cooler than the service plexi it used to sport
Anyone ever attended a IWC "Masterclass" event? I am going to my first tomorrow, organized by a local AD. Drinks, dinner and then dismantling and assembling an IWC movement under the watchful () eyes of IWC's master watchmaker Christian Bresser. Wondering if perhaps the sequence should be reversed, I believe I will need a steady hand I will of course be wearing my 7-days Portuguese. Even contemplated wearing an IWC on each wrist, but decided against it If I am hoping...
That should be well within reach This was taken with my Samsung S4, no post processing. Backdrop is the flowerbed of the Norwegian Royal Palace, that helps.
Mimo, I thoroughly enjoy your tyre-kicking posts! Excellent! Moar, please It's Patek Friday here
Excellent TWAT days guys! So much to read. AND Ms Upton. I have nothing to contribute, except that I expanded my book collection yesterday. I stopped by my regular pusher, expressed an interest in Vacheron, and left with a (free) huge ass book. I guess he knows how to reel me in. Damn.
What does a fool spend his money on besides watches? Books about watches. Received the Rolex Submariner Story by Mondani today. Beast of a book, even compared to the equally excellent GMT-Master book that I already have. I won't say that they are absolute necessities for Rolex collectors, most of the info is available online (and certainly in the way more affordable mobile apps from Mondani). But they are very, very nice And that is enough. Got inspired and dug out...
Still honeymooning
Regarding the Royal Oak Chrono: The one really ROCs my world is the old rose gold model on a strap (26022OR). It's just heavenly. Flashy, a bit over the top, but still way within good taste (unlike most ROO). I've tried on several ROCs, but like the 15300 I used to own, the bracelet, although cool as hell, is just too rigid. On a strap however! I could seriously trade a bunch of watches for this one It has to be the older dial with the square indeces though! The newer...
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