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The silverdialled RO is quite something, stitch! I think it would suit you I just ensured my watch account will be forever dry, by buying a house Moving out of the city, finally! To add insult to injury, I'm travelling to Geneva with a friend, and with no spending money And, because AP:
Thanks, Dino! Yeah, great knives. Sturdy and affordable. Very easy to like. I have a few. Prefer the light, plastic handled ones, but the larger G10 handled are really something. But the knife you bother to drop in you pocket is better than the one at home. I'm usually one for fixed knives when out in the wilderness, Scandinavian style, but a folder has its place when a knife on your belt is too much.Dug up a very ... orange ... watch and knife pic Watch gone, knife still...
So we're playing with knives today? I like Spydercos I have a Chris Reeves Sebenza and other goodies, but I almost always choose a Spyderco if I carry a folder.
Congratulations! They are awesome watches Movement and design from the golden age.I love mine, I hope you will enjoy yours.
Congratulations, my friend! Very happy for you, that is an awsome piece Regarding the ongoing discussion on interview, it would seem that this is a culture sensitive issue. I understand that all these considerations might be important in the US, but they feel very strange here from my viewpoint in Norway. I would wear any timepiece to an interview, save perhaps a gaudy gold watch. And that would mainly be a fashion issue, not so much a money/status thing. (Mind you, that...
Very cool S&S, Swede! I worked for a Norwegian AD some years ago while at university, and we sold a few of these. The digital parts being developed in parnership with Bofors Industries I always found awesome! I hear they are planning to reissue the Chronolink?
@Steel28, congrats Daytona in sunset:
On my way to work, my morning stroll took me through the Royal Palace park after I had dropped off my kid at kindergarten. A lovely spring day! I wish all you TWATs a wonderful day and week
I read this as a comment to the "hot moms", and yeah, I loled ...
I would have loved to join in on your "douchy pictures of cars and watches" love fest, but my car game is sorely lacking. So here is a watch with true racing pedigree, and a car with, well perhaps not as much Skoda racing team representing! You gotta love a 10 year old station wagon. Add me to the "live in the city and rarely drive"-category! Also, I live in the country of the world's most expensive cars and gas! The Cayman starts at 115k USD. (But the Tesla is "cheap",...
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