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I will say nothing more until I can post pictures
Maybe Yeah, gotta love the Autavia! But three is quite enough.
JLC is close to my heart, true dat! But not this time
This is a fun game, but let me know when you tire of it TheTukker, no. Not the Tissot. Though those Lemania movements are cool! It's not a chronograph
Love that Radiomir, wish I have bigger wrists ...Mk II, already in my collection. Tudor, no. Getting warmer though
Nope. A 70s watch for sure, but not a 70s design And I'm happy with my single red(sub) Indeed. The perfect complement to your PPs ...
A lot of good suggestions here, but all wrong And stich, where would the fun be in telling you all now? But I'm happy to give you more clues: It's a 70s design.
A very good suggestion, sir! I like that one a lot! But no
Just stopping by to brag about my incoming ... secret A watch that has featured on this thread a few times, nothing fancy, a decent everyday watch. A brand close to my heart. Somewhat uncommon, but not terribly expensive. Historically interesting, a true period piece. Descreet, but loud. Hoping to unbox at the end of the week
Rather undewhelmed with this year's SIHH offerings, as I understand many of you are. But as per usual of late, most JLCs catch my eye. As to perpetual calendars, I'm not really that into them. Not because I don't like the complication, but my watch rotation schedule makes it difficult to accomodate one without it spending a lot of time on a winder. If I were to get one, it would surely be the JLC Master Ultra Thin Perpetual, it is so fine. The boutique edition in steel is...
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