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I think aesthetics make up most of the difference. The date window in itself creates an asymmetry of course. But plenty of folks like the Sea-Dweller even if they would choose the no-date Sub over the date Sub. So I guess the cyclops is an issue? The cyclops is a pretty low tech solution to a practical problem, and definitely not particularly decorative.Myself I quite like a cyclops on my Oyster I find it an integral part of the Rolex DNA, that awkward little blob is what...
I'm happy for you, no frills! The no-date is a no-brainer But hey, I kinda like Subs, didya know? Myself, apart from honeymooning the AP ROC, I've been obsessing over the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle Small Seconds lately. Yes, I read Hodinkee, and yes, I am easily influenced. Super hot in rose gold, and stealthily cool in platinum. I have been wondering if one of these could take the place of my JLC MC chrono (and maybe MUT Moon) Which is crazy,...
I'll take that badge of honor and wear it proudly! Thanks guys You need a nice place to stash your watches when there is no more room left on your arms, you know?
Thanks, stich! I bought two AP plaques when a local AD closed shop a couple of years ago. Not sure about the vintage, I'm guessing 70s. Picked up a Patek dealer sign and a small Omega Speedmaster thingy as well.I also have a small Rolex altar And other trinkets ...Sorry about the insane sizes of these pictures. Something up with my Photobucket ...
Today's choice. Plexi is sexi.
I thought I heard someone call my name? Thanks for the many kind words gentlemen! (Still only cellphone pic, now where did I last put my DSLR?)
I had hoped to find the time for a long unboxing with a heap of high quality pics, but I never actually manage to get the pictures taken. So: here is my AP ROC in rose gold Today was dark and rainy, but this golden sun on my wrist cheered me up considerably. I had a new rubber strap from AP installed today, the same found on the City of Sails edition. The brown leather strap was ok, but a shorter rubber strap made it much more comfortable. The butterlly clasp is totally...
Thank you very much, my friend! Most helpful! How do you find the satin finish compared to the brushed finish on, say, the IWC XV or XVI?
That is just super cool! A quick review would be welcome, as I am looking for a affordable tooly watch a la IWC XV(I), and this seems to tick a lot of boxes
Hey, Michael-Caine-avatar buddy! (I used that same picture as my avatar earlier, I believe he wore a Rolex (Day-?)Date in Get Carter.) [[SPOILER]] That is one cool Cartier! I like it a lot Any more pictures would be most welcome.
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