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I had hoped to find the time for a long unboxing with a heap of high quality pics, but I never actually manage to get the pictures taken. So: here is my AP ROC in rose gold Today was dark and rainy, but this golden sun on my wrist cheered me up considerably. I had a new rubber strap from AP installed today, the same found on the City of Sails edition. The brown leather strap was ok, but a shorter rubber strap made it much more comfortable. The butterlly clasp is totally...
Thank you very much, my friend! Most helpful! How do you find the satin finish compared to the brushed finish on, say, the IWC XV or XVI?
That is just super cool! A quick review would be welcome, as I am looking for a affordable tooly watch a la IWC XV(I), and this seems to tick a lot of boxes
Hey, Michael-Caine-avatar buddy! (I used that same picture as my avatar earlier, I believe he wore a Rolex (Day-?)Date in Get Carter.) [[SPOILER]] That is one cool Cartier! I like it a lot Any more pictures would be most welcome.
Maybe, maybe not. I didn't think they would make a steel YMII either. Not that the two compare much. Give it a couple of years, we'll see. I can see the temptation to keep it in white gold only, but on the other hand it would be a huge seller in steel.
Oh, and yeah: New Sea-Dweller?
Hey, speaking of white gold, looks it will appear in the form of a Pepsi GMT-Master II this year
Iconic origins, nobel metal, more than a little frivolous I would not want to make you sad, stitch! So here are some nipples just for you. This is an old picture that you've probably seen before, but I promise to take more Maybe. I find it difficult to see clearly as the existing Aquanaut bracelet is a horrible, horrible abomination. It might be possible to make a better one ...I too would like to see the Aquanaut on a PP skin strap! I never warmed to the rubber strap on...
Sold off two cherished vintage pieces this weekend. Heuer Autavia and nipple dialled Rolex 18k GMT-Master. Sad to see them go, but they were examples of my of redundancy habit I have two more Autavias and another nipple dialled 18k Rolex still. And they were not sold to finance a "mud bike", but another watch, of course. More info on that later Bye bye!
Thank you for the report, mimo! I like your reports My thoughts on the Dual Time differs wildly! I cannot bring myself to like the dial layout. AP has an RO with the same movement and the same dial, and I feel the same about that one.The power reserve is too large. The home time subdial I don't care for at all, with the arab numerals. And the day/night indicator much too visible.Granted, the slate grey dial of the Overseas soothes the clutter a great deal, but then they...
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