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This is a fun game, but let me know when you tire of it TheTukker, no. Not the Tissot. Though those Lemania movements are cool! It's not a chronograph
Love that Radiomir, wish I have bigger wrists ...Mk II, already in my collection. Tudor, no. Getting warmer though
Nope. A 70s watch for sure, but not a 70s design And I'm happy with my single red(sub) Indeed. The perfect complement to your PPs ...
A lot of good suggestions here, but all wrong And stich, where would the fun be in telling you all now? But I'm happy to give you more clues: It's a 70s design.
A very good suggestion, sir! I like that one a lot! But no
Just stopping by to brag about my incoming ... secret A watch that has featured on this thread a few times, nothing fancy, a decent everyday watch. A brand close to my heart. Somewhat uncommon, but not terribly expensive. Historically interesting, a true period piece. Descreet, but loud. Hoping to unbox at the end of the week
Rather undewhelmed with this year's SIHH offerings, as I understand many of you are. But as per usual of late, most JLCs catch my eye. As to perpetual calendars, I'm not really that into them. Not because I don't like the complication, but my watch rotation schedule makes it difficult to accomodate one without it spending a lot of time on a winder. If I were to get one, it would surely be the JLC Master Ultra Thin Perpetual, it is so fine. The boutique edition in steel is...
It is a dated design, but not necessarily out-of-date. I like the 70s cases a lot, having three Autavias and the Mark II in my collection. The thing about the (original) Mark II, is that it never quite caught on. Not in 1969 and not as a collectors item later. It has always been about the moon watch. So very nice Mk IIs are available for cheap, at least considering what a nice chrono it is, in a fun and funky package.Here is an old pic of mine, I dug it out tonight and...
Speaking of Speedmasters: http://www.watch-insider.com/news/baselworld-2014-sneak-preview-omega-speedmaster-mark-ii/# Pretty cool I like my old Mk II, happy to see it reintroduced.
Thanks for your thoughts on the 5980s, guys!Thanks mimo, I get the sentiment. And I agree. Somewhat But I feel that this also assumes that my collection is carefully curated, consisting only of deliberately chosen grails being kept forever. I wish it were so Some of my timepieces are the result of deliberate research and warm fuzzy feelings. Others are there by coincidence, bartering, impulse or opportunities suddenly presented. Sometimes the warm fuzzy feelings go away....
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