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Sold off two cherished vintage pieces this weekend. Heuer Autavia and nipple dialled Rolex 18k GMT-Master. Sad to see them go, but they were examples of my of redundancy habit I have two more Autavias and another nipple dialled 18k Rolex still. And they were not sold to finance a "mud bike", but another watch, of course. More info on that later Bye bye!
Thank you for the report, mimo! I like your reports My thoughts on the Dual Time differs wildly! I cannot bring myself to like the dial layout. AP has an RO with the same movement and the same dial, and I feel the same about that one.The power reserve is too large. The home time subdial I don't care for at all, with the arab numerals. And the day/night indicator much too visible.Granted, the slate grey dial of the Overseas soothes the clutter a great deal, but then they...
Regarding the Overseas chrono, it looks absolutely gorgeous in rose gold on a strap The same spectacular mix of beveled brushed and polished surfaces as the AP RO(C). Lovely! But the size is a dealbreaker for me. Just. Too. Damn. Big. Same with the newer 41mm AP Royal Oak Chrono. Edit: The Overseas blue dial has is very, very nice, and well worth a look if you haven't seen it in person. A friend owns the steel version on a bracelet, the one mimo tried on, and the blue...
Thank you kindly everyone! I find the finish on this piece superb, as good as any other Rolex I own or perhaps even better. The bracelet is very, very solid, truly reassuring. This watch attracts me both aesthetically and as a Rolex anomaly. It looks hella cool, and I'm looking forward to the conversations I hope it will start with other enthusiasts I meet. When you have a few watches already, I think you can afford to choose new pieces for a large number of reasons. I am...
So, I picked up my new watch today Kaplan, were you right? Yes! Good job Of course, it's a Rolex Oysterquartz, mod 17000, 6.4 mil serial number, making it a 1980 vintage. Silver dial, and in a mint condition. All the bells and whistles: Inner and outer box, leaflets, punched papers. And even the original blue dial. A spectacular blue color, but the last owner had it changed for a silver one. Sold locally here in Norway, that's nice. The seller had a...
I will say nothing more until I can post pictures
Maybe Yeah, gotta love the Autavia! But three is quite enough.
JLC is close to my heart, true dat! But not this time
This is a fun game, but let me know when you tire of it TheTukker, no. Not the Tissot. Though those Lemania movements are cool! It's not a chronograph
Love that Radiomir, wish I have bigger wrists ...Mk II, already in my collection. Tudor, no. Getting warmer though
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