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Certainly! Bond St and Burlington Arcades are amazing places for watch lovers. But vintage watches are way overpriced in London, and this is a Norwegian speaking. Stick with the windowshopping.
Using a well respected dealer always helps, but even they are not always that good at sniffing out the frankens. Time to educate yourself even further and practice due dilligence. Take pictures of any potential buy to the forums and crowdsource for opinions. I agree with you on the state of affairs on eBay, and walking through Burlington Arcade in London I'm not sure they are all clean either (but certainly overpriced).I am sure you already read this:...
Indeed a Watchco build. Wouldn't even call it a NOS, only the parts are NOS, and probably not all of them. But it's an amazing watch in its own right, wonderful vintage feel but still a "new" watch.
I'm so far behind reading up on this thread, that I have nothing to say that was not said by someone else ... two weeks ago But here is today's Omega SM300 on Hodinkee suede.
JLC offers great value in their perpetual calendars! But I think the Ultra Thin looks even better
It's Barbour season! Strolling through the Royal Palace garden on my way to work, stopped to take a snapshot. Moments later, a small bird in the tree above me shat on my phone. A hint from nature? Either to stop looking at my phone, or to get a new one. Not sure.
Chilly autumn day today, Oysterquartz on wrist.
Patriotic birthyear watch Heuer flyback chrono, Norwegian Airforce issued 1974. Autumn leaves.
You guys are killing me with these VCs! I already love the regular Patrimony Traditionelle in both red gold and platinum, and the guilloche just perfects it. I want one. No: two.Oh yeah. Plenty of love for that Lange.That grey dial is just lovely! I seriously considered a PP 5056P for a short while, a local collector was selling his. I don't really swoon over any calendar, be it annual or perpetual, but something about those grey dials ...Here is my humble contribution,...
Here are my rose gold chronos (again, sorry about spamming). The JLC is dressier than the Daytona, but def an alternative to consider. No tachy bezel and the silver dial moves it quite far into the "dress" category, but the 40mm case and thinkness makes it sporty enough for casual wear. The AP ROC is quite sporty, especially if you put it on a rubber strap like I've done. A fantastic alternative.I did consider the Daytona on a strap, but it didn't quite resonate with me....
New Posts  All Forums: