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@Steel28, congrats Daytona in sunset:
On my way to work, my morning stroll took me through the Royal Palace park after I had dropped off my kid at kindergarten. A lovely spring day! I wish all you TWATs a wonderful day and week
I read this as a comment to the "hot moms", and yeah, I loled ...
I would have loved to join in on your "douchy pictures of cars and watches" love fest, but my car game is sorely lacking. So here is a watch with true racing pedigree, and a car with, well perhaps not as much Skoda racing team representing! You gotta love a 10 year old station wagon. Add me to the "live in the city and rarely drive"-category! Also, I live in the country of the world's most expensive cars and gas! The Cayman starts at 115k USD. (But the Tesla is "cheap",...
Not much you can fault the Port on, and it did smile to me. But the competition is tough, I have a couple of boxes full of smiling watches I guess it comes down to nothing but personal preference. This too ... I won't hesitate to recommend a 5001 to anyone, it's a wonderful watch.Thanks! Glad you are enjoying yours!Regarding the Heuers: I used to have three Autavias, after the culling I will have one. I'll pull through It this case, it's a matter of selling the Autavia...
Yeah, not an easy choice, but I needed to fund the AP ROC. It was time to start weeding out the freeloaders in the collection. If you are too much like a better liked brother in the box, or not contributing to wrist time, you are out on your ass! (When I say I the AP needed funding, I know I already bought it, but we are also looking for a new home, and the watch account is not getting as much as a penny from anything other than watch sales. But you know, a bridge loan...
Awesome!I'm saying goodbye to my 7-days Portuguese today, it finally found a new home. I love the aesthetics of the watch, but its hockey puck like size and shape made it a difficult choice whenever I opened the watch box. Neither sport nor dress. I still have my Fliegerchrono, so thankfully I'm not totally IWC-less I might regret this, but they are not really that hard to find again should the "goodbye" only be a "see ya later"
JLC MUT Moon today, such a modern classic from JLC
Thank you! Vintage Omegas are clean, cool and affordable. I think this one would cost as much as the rubber strap for the AP ...Not so sure about the ostrich leg strap I put it on though?
I'm so happy for you and your family, stitch! Congratulations! Two pictures from me today. Saturday I wore my AP while enjoying the warm weather, today my Sunday watch was a vintage Omega Seamaster De Ville
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