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God, another one of these old Rolexes
Sure, stich! Afraid there's a bit of a line in front of you, starting in Norway I got these from an old local AD that were closing shop a few years back, and sold out a whole store full of mostly older watch stuff. I think there were 10-12 Rolex large window signs from the 60s and 70s as well, sold for a considerable undisclosed amount, and the buyer is probably doubling that in profit by selling them slowly and individually on eBay and TRF. Unless they are all in the...
Yeah, what kind of fool would do that?
The root beer is awesome, particularily on a strap (Not my image ...)
Hi there, F. Piguet caliber buddy I just got my ROC back from service. I think I handed it over to my AD late October Long wait.Anyway, AP were nice enough to include a travel box
Late to the party, but I wholeheartedly concur, as you well know Belligero The OQ is a stealth gem.
I'll crawl out of winter hibernation to say: 4 I prefer rose gold, but yellow gold can be super nice! It helps if you (unlike me) have a darker-than-pasty-white complextion, and vintage yellow gold often have a warmer glow to it than new (at least it seems to be the case with Rolex). On a brown leather strap yellow gold can be amazing and for everyone!Or hell, just wear that bracelet proudly!
Certainly! Bond St and Burlington Arcades are amazing places for watch lovers. But vintage watches are way overpriced in London, and this is a Norwegian speaking. Stick with the windowshopping.
Using a well respected dealer always helps, but even they are not always that good at sniffing out the frankens. Time to educate yourself even further and practice due dilligence. Take pictures of any potential buy to the forums and crowdsource for opinions. I agree with you on the state of affairs on eBay, and walking through Burlington Arcade in London I'm not sure they are all clean either (but certainly overpriced).I am sure you already read this:...
Indeed a Watchco build. Wouldn't even call it a NOS, only the parts are NOS, and probably not all of them. But it's an amazing watch in its own right, wonderful vintage feel but still a "new" watch.
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