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I have to agree with the previous gentleman's every point! The watch is amazingly versatile, and the silver dial very handsome. And true enough, silver on silver can be hard to read. Its major fault in my eyes is that it can appear almost bland in its perfectness. It is symmetric, well-balanced and unoffensive to the extreme. But the moon phase adds just the right amount of playfulness as a counterweight.I have yet to see the black dial in person, but it looks like a...
Yeah, could do without that date window Would have preferred a manual wind movement, too. It's not the perfect chrono. It is however an affordable column wheel chrono from a prestigious maker, with a robust and well tested movement (but not particularly finely decorated, therefore a solid caseback) in a superb rosé gold case that fits my wrist perfectly. That will have to do I sometimes ponder selling a lot of watches and getting a fine chrono from Vacheron or Patek, but...
Another day, another blossoming tree on my way from kindergarten to work, another rose gold chrono
What a strange thing! to be alive beneath cherry blossoms. Took my lunch outside today, with a good friend, amongst the neighbourhood students. Girls in summer dresses, blossoming trees. Enjoy your day
The holdall looks great, and just the thing I've been looking for. @Linjer, any chance you guys are able to ship to Norway _from_ Norway, it being Roman's home country and all? VAT ...
I like the YM! But then again, my inner peacock has free rein when it comes to watches.
Love it! Spring is in the air, so I too dug out my Daytona to celebrate
God, another one of these old Rolexes
Sure, stich! Afraid there's a bit of a line in front of you, starting in Norway I got these from an old local AD that were closing shop a few years back, and sold out a whole store full of mostly older watch stuff. I think there were 10-12 Rolex large window signs from the 60s and 70s as well, sold for a considerable undisclosed amount, and the buyer is probably doubling that in profit by selling them slowly and individually on eBay and TRF. Unless they are all in the...
Yeah, what kind of fool would do that?
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