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How could I not post this (again) Here is a USD 30k watch in a USD 10k car, used market value. Watch by a Swiss company that claims you don't own your expensive watch, car by Audi and VWs plain but well-built Czech cousin.
If you are a working professional, I guess you can have anything you want, but not everything you want. The rest is priorities. I think maybe I read that in this thread at one point
I took note of the even in even for a car. To me, it actually makes much more sense to spend more money on a watch than a car. I seem to recall having discussed this in TWAT before, but I'll revisit.I assume this is in part due to where I live in the world, cars are slapped with heavy taxes, costing about 3 times the US price. Watches cost about the same as elsewhere. Buying a car in stead of a Patek will get you a pretty sweet luxury ride in the US, while me only a rather...
Yesterday we celebrated 17th of May, Norwegian Constitution Day The JLC Master Chronograph served both as dress watch and BBQ-timer. A chrono is not (only) for bragging rights. A detail shot: Today I tried working from home, but ended up taking our youngest for a stroll The JLC dresses down quite nicely.
Yep, i would be interested in that ...
My immediate comment is simply that it's a lovely watch! I really like GO a brand, they offer a lot of german horology for the money. Lovely arabic numbers on than one, very cool.
Keith T nails it. Wrists don't lie, to paraphrase Shakira. If a watch does not smile to me from my wrist, no other argument will do, be it finishing or pedigree. When it does smile, I will buy it, and have done so with almost every smiling watch I've come across. Up to a certain price point, naturally. I have found this point to be surprisingly fluid over the years, though...
The downside of pushers for date setting is that I never seem to have a proper tool at hand when throwing on a watch in a hurry. So, JLC MUT Moon on today, and the date is still wrong. Now, I'm sure I had a paper clip somewhere ...
It's a lovely season, BostonHedonist! Especially here north where I reside. All those dark months, so easily forgotten on a beautiful April morning.
Awesome Heuer! I definitely lack a Carrera in my collection, but otherwise Heuer has been (and still is) well represented. Sporty but classy, true racing pedigree.@mimo, while TAG Heuer certainly doesn't get a lot of love here, I think the various true vintage Heuers such as this have always been well received. As well they should!Regarding TAG and Carrera, I think the recent reinterpretations have been spot on!
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