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Thanks guys! I've experimented a bit with NATOs on this watch, starting with the custom black leather one from the pictures Belligero mentioned. Custom was the only way to if you wanted gold(en) hardware. Today there are many other options.Belligero, here are some more pictures [[SPOILER]] It also looks smashing on a honey brown croco, this one is from Sirtoli. [[SPOILER]] I happen to think more is more, a vintage 18k Rolex is also very handsome on the original bracelet....
Fall is so here. Gold brightens the day.
That is just sweet, aon! The steel MC looks its very best with a black dial! Fabulous details in any metal, love my rose Master Chrono
The word is "sold to the grey dealers with a substantial discount by ADs who need to clean up their inventory but don't want to get in trouble with the manufacturers who keep track of serial numbers". Common practice. Never buy though, I agree with that.
I buy most of my watches used. No choice, as I prefer vintage. Also, some new pieces, like the Nautilus, are not readily available at ADs even new. Never regretted buying used, but be very very diligent! As this is the p0rn thread, here is how indecently good the Nautilus dial looks in sunlight.
Thanks! A lokal AD closed shop, and I picked up a few PP and AP signs. The Rolex stuff was way too expensive, the international collector market for Rolex shit is just crazy and only a search string away
Certainly, though this is probably a repost.
You guys are way too polite... Even disregarding that you've never seen this model, which you would have. A Patek that size, (ugly) day-date cal and moon phase? An obvious fake. Nothing adds up. It even looks to be steel.
I don't know about the US, haven't been there in a couple of years. But here in northern Europe I often see SS Daytonas in the windows nowadays.
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