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Not quite. This is a bullhead, with the pushers on top of the case:
Yes indeed! Heuer Cal 12 movement.Here is the interesting story of the cal 11, the world's first automatic chronograph movement (though Zenith would like to disagree):http://www.onthedash.com/articles/Project99PartsOneTwo.pdfThe Cal 11/12/15 are cool to look at, as they are a movement familiy of modular chronographs with a micro rotor. When you open the watch up, you see the chrono module, and the movement can easily be mistaken for a manual movement.But the rotor is...
Sweet Daytona! The grail of my college years when working at a watch dealer, and what I shelled out my hard earned cash for when I finally could afford it. Ah, the good old days of hype and waiting lists Siffert today (old pic, though)
Put my 18k GMT on a Hodinkee strap, and changed to an old brown bezelinsert with a nice shiny brownpurplish patina. I know for a fact that this patina was the result of a short period in the last owner´s oven, and not years and years of sun bleaching I like the result quite a lot better than the previous configuration of black bezel insert and croco strap
Take a pic I have a manual Autavia with Siffert coloring, that is my definite favourite. Cal 72, so it's basically a vintage Daytona (no, it's not ).And a silver dialled auto. Pretty rare, I see it much less often than the Siffert. Still usually a lot cheaper.Autavias are what got me started collecting vintage. Awesome 70s racing aesthetics at reasonable prices
Please post I love Autavias, got three of them ...
Dug out the Jo Siffert today
I have a very unhealthy craving for a vintage Daytona
Hope you're not tired on my JLC Master Chrono, here by flattering candle light
Enjoying a long overdue second honeymoon with my 5513. I've hardly taken it off my wrist lately. Never mind the Patek, the JLC, the Portuguese, the Redsub or the gold Sub. My heart belongs to a study of perfection in bruised steel and creamy dead tritium
New Posts  All Forums: