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I have a very unhealthy craving for a vintage Daytona
Hope you're not tired on my JLC Master Chrono, here by flattering candle light
Enjoying a long overdue second honeymoon with my 5513. I've hardly taken it off my wrist lately. Never mind the Patek, the JLC, the Portuguese, the Redsub or the gold Sub. My heart belongs to a study of perfection in bruised steel and creamy dead tritium
Pepsi FTW! Suede strap from Hodinkee on my SM300 today. Slightly silly with the camo, but I like it
I think you should. A fear of an inanimate object is irrational at best and dangerous at worst. Choose to fear criminal with guns, or ordinary people with guns, or the gun laws where you live. All depending on your personal beliefs and political leanings. But fear what you know, not what you don't.
Thanks! No date, yes. Def the cleanest looking. It´s my "poor man´s Milsub" I think I bought the strap on eBay ...
I realize that most WISs feel like you, but I think I'll go against the stream on this one. I like the size, this being about the only >40mm left in my collection. I even think I like the newer hands and dial beter A strange position for me to take, as I almost always make the vintage or neo-vintage choice.Speaking of which, WatchCo SM300 on a braided Nato today
Congrats on the 112, in stiches! I am Pam-less for the time being, sold my 111 last year. Not quite sure why, it was a cool watch. I was on a AP/JLC/PP roll, and felt the Unitas was beneath me I guess Also, I always wished the case was brushed, not polished. I have been thinking about Panerai again lately, probably due to the season. With thick sweaters goes a bigger watch Maybe I'll go with titanium this time around? The 177 is very cool. Or maybe something completely...
Any opinons on the Tommy Hilfiger pea coat? I live in a corner of the world with fewer options than most, and would like to try before I buy. Schott, Sterlingwear and vintage is out, but Hilfiger I can find ...
Thanks guys! I've experimented a bit with NATOs on this watch, starting with the custom black leather one from the pictures Belligero mentioned. Custom was the only way to if you wanted gold(en) hardware. Today there are many other options.Belligero, here are some more pictures [[SPOILER]] It also looks smashing on a honey brown croco, this one is from Sirtoli. [[SPOILER]] I happen to think more is more, a vintage 18k Rolex is also very handsome on the original bracelet....
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