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And speaking of moons, my 5712 is always worth showing off (again)
The FC made me look at moon phases again. JLC MUT Moon, swoon
I love it! Even though lends heavily from smiliar watches from other brands. The execution looks very good. But 42mm? A tad bit too large for a dressy watch, no?
I fellow forumite on another forum just dubbed the new platinum Daytona: the Fazermint So you have the Hulk (LV Sub), the Smurf (white gold Sub) and now the Fazermint
Regarding customer service: I used to work for a small familiy-owned AD while at university. Excellent part time job! And probably what turned on the WIS switch. The very first thing I learned from the owner was to give every (potential) customer the same (good) treatment. The Norwegian saying is "dont judge a dog by its hair", and there would be several shaggy dogs by regularly. None of them dressed well, and the personal hygiene could be lacking. But they were...
Gotta love those nipples, Singular! My weathered old 5513 today. All week, now that I think of it. The creamy tritium is just the loveliest
The SM300 is one of my definite favs! Wears well on the original bracelet like yours, Omega mesh, perlon NATO or suede (from Hodinkee for instance).
Very enjoyable thread that is forever improving. Sorry to pester the discussion with my baubles. Enjoying the holidays, and finding proof, that what chicks dig, are Pateks!
I would suggest you end this line of inquiry, sir.
At 78 degrees north this week, Svalbard archipelago. Sporting, of course, the 'polar' Explorer II on a custom Nato in Norwegian colours. Effectively minus 50 deg Celcius the first day, thankfully only in the 20s after.
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