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Very cool, nofrills! Watches are usually not quite as much in focus as our wrist shots would like to portray, they usually just peek out from under our clothes Here a low light iPhone pic my GF took at one of our dinner dates not long ago:
I enjoy the discussion, but I try to refrain to analyze my own collector psyche too closely. Not sure I'd like what I find I'm pretty sure I'm more moved by the need for peer recognition than I would like to admit. I have always tried to buy what I like, watches that make me smile. Be it ETAs in a pretty case or in-house movements with pedegree. The problem is that my preferences seem to be fickle and easily changed as I read and learn.
I will admit to a certain period of babying after getting a new watch After that, every watch gets used. It helps that I prefer to buy vintage or at least pre-owned, they usually come pre-scratched as well My Daytona and Master Chrono were both new puchases from my regular . The Daytona is now in regular rotation, never mind that the bezel is a scratch magnet. The rose gold MC is mostly used for dinners and occations, but the first hairlines and swirls have arrived. My...
Good reads on the last couple of pages! A touch of red today ... Old pic.
The timing of tonight's honey glazed Valentine's duck was handled by JLC Master Chrono
Ah, the mythical one watch I've played that game a few times. Of the watches I own: Daytona. Because it was a grail for so many years, and it is the watch I am leaving for my firstborn daughter. Timed her birth with it, and to be honest, it's a bit of a ladies' watch Anyway, I love it, and I'm hoping that many many years from now when I'm old and full of years, my daughter will too. If I were to buy a new watch to be the one, I'd choose a Sub. The new generation...
Owned the 15300 for a while, and while it was a handsome look, it never felt right on my wrist. The Nautilus feels nothing but right. The Jumbo RO might have been better for me, but the Nautilus is just perfect. Oh, and the 5712 > 5711. IMNSHO
The moment I wrote that, I found these pics, and I must admit the 512 it looks pretty good. Maybe even better than the 337.I even find the fake patinaed "tritium" attractive
I don't know ...Actually, I am contemplating a 42mm Panerai, as I sold my 111 a couple of years ago and looking to replace it with something smaller: I was thinking about the 337 Radiomir. The 1940 case is a bit of a bastard looks-wise, without the wire lugs and the onion crown that I assosiate with Radiomirs ...I think the 337 wins this one, but on the wrist my verdict might be different
Gold and old sweats!
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