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Thanks guys Master Chrono today. Prob a repost, but I´m sure you can tolerate it
Haha, this is one beat up and overpolished old piece of steel. Detracts nothing from its charm
Certainly, with great joy! Sometimes because the watch is vintage or discontinued. But I also like to have someone else take the initital hit when it comes to brands that do not keep their value as well as, say, Rolex.Who would know or notice unless you tell them? Your financial perspective is probably correct though All excellent choices! I wear my Rolex Sub more than any watch, and I own quite a few. The perfect everyday watch. The SD just the same, only I like a cyclops...
I meant the redesign of the Fliegerchrono as the model number changed from 3706 to 3717, in case that was unclear That happened around 2006, if I´m not mistaken.
There are definitely valid arguments against the 3717. With the redesign it lost some of the charm of the older, more sober IWC fliegers. On the other hand, it gained quite a bit of presence as well. I quite like mine The black croc strap does it no favours, I chose the strap from the Exupery limited ed instead. That is one comfortable strap!
Thanks! The TH Monaco is very nice, I had one for a while. In the McQueen-colors it is one of the finest TAGs on offer today! The newest model is priced too high though, IMHO.The new "Jack Heuer" Carrera is also fantastic
Vintage Valjoux 72 chrono, though somewhat more affordable than the Rolex equivalent Still a super cool piece! I have a softspot for 70s Autavias, got three of them. The cal 12 Siffert might be the most popular, but to me this manual three-register chrono with Siffert coloring is even cooler.
Lovely 5711! Here a sideview of my Nautilus, with pushers
Almost This is a 16758, the first gold GMT with a sapphire crystal. Which, still equipped with the nipple dial you observe, is known as a transitional Rolex model. For steel models this would mean a matte dial and sapphire...
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