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Two brothers. Transitional Submariner 16808 and GMT 16758. Sapphire and nipple dial. Not as cool as the older plexi models, I'll admit, but interesting in their own right.
May I give it a go anyway?
Agreed. I tried these on yesterday, and I definitely would have preferred a richer color. Rust would have looked better I think ...Still considering them, though.
Wow, that is something Quark. A lovely watch.
Holy smoke, Singular! Midas?
Quote: Originally Posted by jeromestyle Watch: a flashy Rolex to complete the ensemble. Hardly. "an understated, undersized and classic to the point of utter boredom Rolex" would be more like it. I like it myself, but hardly a timepiece you notice unless you obsess about details. Which I suppose is the attraction of it. The only ones who find the man's 80s(?) vintage stainless Datejust "flashy" would be journalists. Who are paid to. Which...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teou Finally my first GMT. Congrats! I have a soft spot for the new two-tone GMTs, really nice!
Quote: Originally Posted by Gauss17 or my personal favorite - a 1960's Omega Seamaster. This. Vintage always wins. I would suggest a "Pie-pan" Constellation. This one is mine
Still enjoying my latest addition. The perfect watch for cleaning the apartment while my better half bakes scones for tomorrows tea. Which is how we spend our Saturday evening. Oh yes, living the high life
Quote: Originally Posted by culverwood There is a third hand which revolves on a 24 hour basis which tells the time against a second time zone while the normal hands keep home time (or vice versa) the second time zone can vary from country to country hence the need for rotation. Also: On Rolex GMT-Master IIs (both modern and vintage), the 24 hour hand is independent from the hour hand, so that you can track 3 timezones at once. 1st: the hour...
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