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Looks good! If you like it enough there is always the Omega mesh as well, very well executed and available from Ofrei and such (and ADs too, I'm sure).No need to apologize The watch hobby often gets too purist and serious, mix it up! A red, orange or camo NATO is essential summer cool! You are a peacock and you want to fly! And guys, pssst: I have something incoming
More RedSub love
Had lunch with a watch collector friend yesterday, tried on his 5196g. Unfortunately it fit me very well And he might be looking to sell. I have heard a few arguments against this Calatrava (small movement in larger case etc), but on my hand it was pure magic. It does not fill an empty spot in my collection, nor satisfy any other rationalization. It was just very, very nice
Indeed. This is a Seamaster 300, but the "Watchco" variant. That is: NOS Omega movement in replacement case and the rest NOS and/or modern replacement parts. Done first by Watchco of Australia, after losing Omega account but stuck with a pile of parts, as far as I know the story. This is from Watchco, but you can find them on eBay and fourms from a lot of sources.Not for the purist, but pretty cool to have a vintage model in a brand new configuration. Lume lights up the...
Crazy prices being paid at some of these auctions. Considering selling my Siffert through one of the larger houses, but not sure if it is the right piece for it. Anyway, this is a thread on watches, not money, so here is my week in watches
Sorry, douple tap.
How could I not post this (again) Here is a USD 30k watch in a USD 10k car, used market value. Watch by a Swiss company that claims you don't own your expensive watch, car by Audi and VWs plain but well-built Czech cousin.
If you are a working professional, I guess you can have anything you want, but not everything you want. The rest is priorities. I think maybe I read that in this thread at one point
I took note of the even in even for a car. To me, it actually makes much more sense to spend more money on a watch than a car. I seem to recall having discussed this in TWAT before, but I'll revisit.I assume this is in part due to where I live in the world, cars are slapped with heavy taxes, costing about 3 times the US price. Watches cost about the same as elsewhere. Buying a car in stead of a Patek will get you a pretty sweet luxury ride in the US, while me only a rather...
Yesterday we celebrated 17th of May, Norwegian Constitution Day The JLC Master Chronograph served both as dress watch and BBQ-timer. A chrono is not (only) for bragging rights. A detail shot: Today I tried working from home, but ended up taking our youngest for a stroll The JLC dresses down quite nicely.
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