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Gotta love Lange, that is a serious watch Steve! Wow, much to read here after being away for a while On my regular non-English language watch forum, there are two yearly exercises that I greatly enjoy: My watch year in review and Watch plans for the new year. So I thought maybe we could play here as well? I'll go first My watch year in review - 2015 Out: This was my first grail, the Heuer Autavia 1163T "Jo Siffert". Sad to see it go, but I had another purchase that...
That bezel, @no frills Lucky lady! Winter is coming. Staying warm with red gold.
Love that dial @P. Bateman! Spent the weekend in Stockholm on business, brought the Calatrava
Late to the party, but congratulations @DLJr! Best of luck to you and your family! Myself I've just started on my prolonged graded paternity leave with my youngest daughter. Staying home 3 days a week for the rest of the year Thanks to this socialist paradise/hellhole (depending on your politics) I call home, we get 10 weeks paid leave that can only be used by the father (the rest of the 49 weeks can be shared, but sharing is a difficult concept for new mothers). And...
So, I registered the MUT Moon on JLC's "LeClub", and they sent me this lovely gift! No sorry, the watch inside was not included. (Well, the way it really happened was this: Some of my fellow Norwegian collectors have received lovely gifts when registering their watches. I had registered my Master Chrono a long time ago, but received no lovely gift. I had also recently registered my MUT Moon, a year after aquiring, but received no lovely gift. So I sent JLC a polite...
@Winot, the Explorer II is the travel watch. I like my 16750, it's sleek, understated and bullet proof. Cool on Nato or bracelet, or get one of the several excellent aftermarket rubber straps. My Explorer II at 78 deg north, Svalbard. The polar in its home environment. Thin profile, goes with anything. Summer-look on a blue perlon.
Yesterday was the last sunny day around here for a while, it seems. September started out rainy and very autumny. But yesterday was lovely And on a lovely day, you wear your Patek when you take out the trash in the evening, while enjoying the pink skies.
Yeah, tell me about it! My favourite watch pusher has the Grosse Lange 1 in platinum, and surprise: it fit me quite well That thing is just lovely, and has a nice heft to it. The backside is perhaps the most lovely thing about it.Not exactly on my immediate list, but Lange has some droolworthy models. I quite like the look of the 1815 AB/AUF, but I have yet to try it on.Anyway, yesterday was a casual 60th birthday party for my mother-in-law. A lovely seaside restaurant,...
@Novelty77, that is awesome. Congrats! That movement. Puts my solid caseback PP to shame
Yeah, so this happened just before my summer vacation My friend's 5196g is now my 5196g.Just a watch, pure and distilled. It wears surprisingly large for 37mm, due to long lugs and a thin bezel. Monochromatic and almost boring. Let the others shout, this one whispers. I like it a lot.Perfect for formal occations, but I'm just as happy to wear it casually.
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