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Actually, that quartet would have been a decent illustration on the "evoution of the Daytona" had I not gone and switched the dial of the 116520 with a white gold racing dial. Sorry about that
I have no idea what you are talking about Surely that does not apply to Daytonas?My regular AD came though on the Ceratona. Granted, I did call him a couple of hours after it was announced. I was number four in line for the white. No DD purchase necessary
Thank you my friend! There are plenty of old Rolexes out there just being used, and not gushed over on internet forums. The way it should be I think that was a comment on the Nomos, and not by me My Daytona is a 1972 6263, measuring 37mm as they all are.Here a picture with the old (and wrong) endlinks it came on when I bought it. The bracelet is from 1980-something, I might have to source a 1972 folded bracelet. Which will be even more rattly, hah. I gotta say I like...
Yeah, I see a lovely vintage Explorer every day at work (where I'm a hired consultant), on the wrist of a guy in management. I rarely speak to him about work stuff even, and I've yet to find myself next to him at lunch. Maybe it's his fathers old watch, maybe he just bought it on a whim, or maybe he's a commited watch geek just like myself I'll have to bait him with my old Daytona I guess, he ought to bite if the latter
@Belligero, 16520 buddy! Congrats I think we both like Daytonas, ya know?
Hi guys! I am thouroughly overwhelmed by the amount of posts here over since I last posted. Oh wait, that was in 2015? Understandable, then. I am hoping to catch up, but meanwhile, let me just share my eventful 2016 so far I know it might be considered bad form to just post images without sharing a bit of thought as to how they came to be, but I promise to elaborate later
Gotta love Lange, that is a serious watch Steve! Wow, much to read here after being away for a while On my regular non-English language watch forum, there are two yearly exercises that I greatly enjoy: My watch year in review and Watch plans for the new year. So I thought maybe we could play here as well? I'll go first My watch year in review - 2015 Out: This was my first grail, the Heuer Autavia 1163T "Jo Siffert". Sad to see it go, but I had another purchase that...
That bezel, @no frills Lucky lady! Winter is coming. Staying warm with red gold.
Love that dial @P. Bateman! Spent the weekend in Stockholm on business, brought the Calatrava
Late to the party, but congratulations @DLJr! Best of luck to you and your family! Myself I've just started on my prolonged graded paternity leave with my youngest daughter. Staying home 3 days a week for the rest of the year Thanks to this socialist paradise/hellhole (depending on your politics) I call home, we get 10 weeks paid leave that can only be used by the father (the rest of the 49 weeks can be shared, but sharing is a difficult concept for new mothers). And...
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