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The responses are much appreciated guys. Luckily, I received a response noting that my order had been shipped out...dying to see how the goods turned out.
Hi all, looking for a new pair of denim and need some advice. Currently wearing down a pair of APC Rescue size 33 (true size), but should have gone down to 32. Fit perfect in the legs, too loose in the waist, as expected. My legs are pretty built due to a lot of sports, but waist is too narrow for stretched 35" on rescues. Have been looking at Nudie's (even steven, RR?) and also Samurai (710?). What I don't like about the rescue's are the huge leg opening. Looking...
hate to re-post but getting a little sketched out by Tanner Goods. Three weeks, still no word except that they'd send an email whenever they shipped it. Anyone have any experience with these guys? Have tried emailing, it's been a week w/o response.
just picked up this one from j crew - reasonably priced, super warm and great fit. got the tall version, felt like a slimmer cut to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by piercehan does anyone own and have pictures of the dry APC NS? I want to see the fade of these denim worn after a while
Quote: Originally Posted by robba @ johnny d Your jeans will stretch stretch out again. Even in the inseam? I was under the impression that shrinking in the inseam would be permanent. So should I just hem them without taking possible shrinking into account?
Right now, you'd probably be categorized as "Pretentious". That said, true story about clothing fit being more important than the actual brand you're wearing, as stated above.
So I've been wearing my Rescues for about a month now, and getting a little tired of cuffing them at the bottom - think it's time to hem. My question is how should I factor in shrinking in the inseam after my first soak/wash in a few month? Does any one have any advice/experience with this?
Quote: Originally Posted by kontra Hey guys! Does anybody here know how to contact Tanner Goods guys? I made an order two weeks ago and never heard from them. On the website it says that I need to give them 8-10 days for production - so thats my only explanation to whats going on. I just have to guess. There's no contacts on the website. The automatic receipt email was sent to me from an anonymous address (which is messed up for a web store) and no...
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