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anyone have any pictures of the SF plaza last boot with some denim? Trying to decide between those and the cap toe dress boot (pictures of those would be great too)...
looking for a fit comparison between APC NS and the 5010xx. any comments? i wear a NS 33 and the only thing i'd change is that there could be more room in the butt area. i'm a true 33.5" waist. looking at sizing charts, seems like in 5010xx i might be a 33 as well. thoughts?
Just had my APC's hemmed and the tailor decided to press them as well. Now it feels like they haven't been hemmed at all. Is this just due to the fact that I need to reset the stacks with wear?
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 Thank you. Cigar it is. FYI --- I ended up calling looking for a pair of Alden cigar chukkas, turns out they'll be getting a limited shipment in the next 2-3 weeks. Ed, the owner, was very helpful and is taking orders now. Just in case anyone else was interested.
Were the cigar chukkas a one-time production? Hadn't considered the chukkas, but it might just be exactly what I'm looking for.
i guess i'm looking for a darker brown -- they seem a little reddish to me.
Hi everyone, just wanted to get some input as I'm looking for something like this, which Leather Soul put up on their site last week: I really like Alden's stuff, but want to get away from the burgundy color they seem to love (also not a fan of the color above). Anyways, just looking for a solid, comfortable boot like this in a classic brown that'll wear well over the years, so bring on the suggestions if you have any. Thanks in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll They aren't great, but they are nowhere near the worst. 514s are the best jeans under $50. What's a premium-label pair of jeans that fit like the 514? Looking for a new pair of raw denim, but I always liked the fit of the 514.
Ready to pull the trigger on a pair of Desert Boots. So.... Sand or the distressed brown taupe color? (both suede) For reference, I will only be wearing these with jeans and I have a pair of wallabees in brown suede, so I'm leaning towards the sand DB's.
finally got the wallet and belt today. ordered on september 18th, so a little less than four weeks. that said, the stuff is pretty incredible. obviously very high quality, and the belt fits perfect -- i wear a 33-34 true waist in denim, and the 36 is perfect. of the 5 belt notches, i'm wearing the 3rd hole, making it a perfect fit. the leather is feeling like cardboard -- i have obenauf's LP, think i should condition it now or wait a few weeks?
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