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Quote: Originally Posted by J.V I picked up a Gen 3 Glock 19 RTF frame this summer for my first conceal carry handgun. What is the story with the RTF frame? Is it just a new type of all around checkering? Anything else different than standard Gen 3?
Both are American companies making good products in the USA, a dying breed unfortunately. I prefer Aldens because of the Hampton last, which fits me very well and is sleeker than most. I would prefer Aldens anyway overall because of the styling and comfort. However, Alden can be hit or miss in their quality control. I have several times returned shoes bought straight from the factory (drop shipped) that had obvious blemishes and should not have gone out like that....
Well, considering that Panerais are already a fad for poseurs, one with a ferrari symbol on it is no worse. If you really like it and can afford it, why not?
They have a good reputation for quality and apparently have substantial handwork. The fit is too boxy for me though, with padded shoulders and closed quarters.
I've read here somewhere that the shirts are farmed out and neither Joe, Helen, nor anyone at Centofanti does the work. The shirts also got less than great reviews if I recall.
Carmina are the only decent Spanish or Portugese shoes I have seen. Carmina are very nice shoes, but as far as I know they are not available anywhere outside of Spain or Paris.
Quote: Originally Posted by darnold Natural chromexcel indy shoe has arrived from ShoeMart. Very happy with the leather - a little darker and smoother than the Shoemart pictures belie. Lots of character. Sorry for enormous pictures. Yuk, they look like band-aid shoes, at least in the pics.
Tri Lam baby.
Quote: Originally Posted by bluemagic the problem is that these jds in business are there because they had legitimacy from their stints in BIGLAW to begin with. so if you miss the biglaw train (with VERY few exceptions - such as PMF or the few MBB recruits from T6 schools) you are fucked for the OTHER opportunities as well. Quoted for truth. Law school right now is a losing proposition for about 80% of law students, which means for about a few...
Quote: Originally Posted by ihambrecht I disagree. Having taken elementary spanish, french, and german, the third was by far the easiest to understand for me. Yeah, its easy to understand "Das ist ein Haus." But reaching basic conversational level without still making tons of mistakes is not easy compared Spanish IMO. Anyway, most German speakers speak good English compared to most Spanish speakers, so another reason to learn Spanish.
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