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Quote: Originally Posted by unjung I don't know enough about Biden to comment, but how you can compare Obama to Palin is beyond me. It's somewhat akin to comparing McCain to Palin. The former two both have missteps, bad advice, train of thought breakdowns, etc. Palin is generally on another planet. That great speech she delivered at the convention? Do we recall who wrote that for her? Remember when she flew without a script - the interview that may...
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso I like that, "and they named her... hossoso". If we have to take this outside, I am taking it right outside of your living room window. We're going to argue loudly thru Hannity and O'Reilly. Yeah, you tell him hossoso! We'll do a full Hannity and Colmes hour of annoying blather in your yard and totally piss off your neighbors.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano Can you two girls take this outside. Some of us would like to get back to the serious business of Palin-bashing. Hey, I'm just trying to be inclusive, didn't want Obama and Biden to feel left out. I just don't get the continued focus on Palin in such a target rich environment. A much better thread would be to supply evidence that any politician isn't an idiot.
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso Not six inches, six feet. And, yeah, I like a short suit jacket/blazer but I have become a bit more conservative in the three years since I wrote that and normally go regular these days. I even have a longer torso than most but for some reason it works better for me. Thank you for reminding me that this is StyleForum and that your ill-conceived notions of politics are my secondary concern here. Though, in my...
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso So, I'm some sort of 6' tall midget? How tall are you? And how does this relate to what a complete idiot Palin is? You're 6" and you wear a short in a suit? That's taking the Tom Browne thing a bit too far. I didn't say Palin wasn't an idiot, I just said Biden is even dumber. What I was commenting on was the tone of your post.
Quote: Originally Posted by samus Have we locusts left anything there? Depending on your size there are a few things left. If you wear a UK 7.5 there is a lot left.
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso You've... bested me somehow? What are you talking about? It was just an observation about posts by some of the, shall we say, vertically challenged members of the Forum. I didn't claim to best you though the silliness of your post is fairly obvious.
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso Everything you post from now on will be viewed as total bullshit. Too bad that McCain and Palin didn't have enough collective intelligence to beat a couple of half-wits like Obama and Biden. Chucklehead... As though anyone cares what you think. BTW, how come all the midgets on the forum are so combative?
Maybe, but compared to Biden she's a genius. And its not like Obama has been dazzling anyone with his intellect either.
Don't waste time on CT, get over to the Thin Red Line thread.
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