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All you need to know about hipsters/Williamsburgh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAO4EVMlpwM
Quote: Originally Posted by Merckx You're a 41L but you have those little kids feet? Great find! But this post captures my thoughts exactly. I'm a 41-42 long and I wear size 12-13 shoes (depending on the manufacturer/last), how does Aportnoy keep from falling over (and don't answer with the tripod joke, with his feet it just wouldn't work).
Hard to tell, but Tom in Winnetka is a really good cobbler and he can tell you if he can save them. You could also try sending them to Alden for refurbishing.
Quote: Originally Posted by topbroker There is a vigorously active thread at The Fedora Lounge, "Does Anyone Drink Rye Whiskey?" The only way to make a real Manhattan is with Rye. That said, I'm having a Tanq 10 Gimlet right now (the wife wanted a slightly sweet aperitif).
Very snowy day in Chicago today, made a bacon, egg and cheese on a whole wheat English muffin, with a couple of slices of bacon on the side, man, that was a tasty breakfast.
When we were moving and in temporary housing I bought a box of Black Box Cabernet and a box of their Chardonnay based upon the results of a San Fran Chronicle tasting. For the price, taste and convenience they were more than acceptable.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Sounds like something a southerner would do. Given that the best regional American cuisine is Southern (Tex-Mex, Creole, Cajun, barbecue etc), this statement is just ignorant.
Fussigny Tres Vieille Grande Champagne Series Rare, a nice digestif.
Compared to Ebay, the old "thief's market" on Astor Place looks like an ethical, well-managed enterprise.
When I lived in NYC I knew an Italian guy who wore a cape when he first moved there, but the incessant shouts of "Count Dracula/Chocula, you suck" etc made him abandon it fairly quickly. This guy lived in the East Village, so if it got that kind of reception there, can't imagine it'll be received more positively elsewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: