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Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Awesome. We wants it. Not a crop, looks like a swagger stick.
Which FB? The Loop or Mich Ave?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac Peep these shoes, they are so "COOL" http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-HANOVER-...QQcmdZViewItem I think those were a Ronco product, they double as a collander.
Highland Park and Macallan.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Well, the British have been occupying Ireland for hundreds of years and Northern Ireland since about 1921. Against the will of the people, mind you. One could make the same assertion about this country, at least as far as the hundreds of years part goes. I don't see you, or anyone else for that matter, volunteering to return to their family's country of origin.
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe nice U last vass wholecut : http://cgi.ebay.com/VASS-MENS-WHOLEC...QQcmdZViewItem however topied. when they topy they cut out a depth of the sole leather dont they? it is not just a simple apply-on topy , correct? Usually a good cobbler will ask you to wear the shoes a time or two before applying the topy, in order to scratch the sole a bit so they can glue the topy on, no cutting or sanding of the...
Kind of a dark taupe/brown. Actually posted this more as an FYI rather than gauging interest.
I've been planning an affair with Angelina Jolie for years, but it just hasn't worked out yet, let alone a sequel.
Picked up a pair of Santoni Bryant Chelsea boots in a lightly antiqued medium brown, $149 at Nordstrom's Rack in the Loop. I also saw a pair in size 12 (diff color, not as nice), didn't have enough time for an extensive recon of what else was in there, but worth checking out.
Got two pairs of Mora (brown and suede) both look like seconds (really poor finishing of seams and edges etc). Anyone else notice this?
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