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Any idea if they have any 12-12.5s?
Dumb asses who launch idiotic threads like this one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford Lance - quit being a dick What's bred in the bone will not out of the flesh (yeah, dick/bone I figure even Lance might be able to pick that one up).
Quote: Originally Posted by kismet Hey Guys! How come we never get any Robert Talbott cuflinks at TJ Maxx's here in the Northeast? I call TJ Maxx everytime within minutes we get a SF notice. But, the answer is always a BIG NO! BUMMER! Its either the Masons or the Rosicrucians, I forget which.
Paraboot, imo, are not only more comfortable but infinitely more stylish than Mephisto. I've wanted the Avignons for years, but have not been able to find them in my size. These are great shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by lance konami Holy crap, my original response to your was TONGUE IN CHEEK you ignoramus. Christ almighty. Hmmm, given your responses on this thread to the slightest criticism or disagreement, I'm slightly dubious about that.
Quote: Originally Posted by lance konami Such a tool. That's great Lance, the first step to solving your problem is admitting you have one. The realization that you are a tool is your first step on the road to recovery from extreme douchery.
Quote: Originally Posted by lance konami Do I have another new stalker? Nice! You'll be a good addition to my collection. Uh, yeah Lance, its all about you! When you're not on Styleforum the rest of the members have a secret thread devoted to wondering what you're up to. I just remembered the quote because I found it amusing, but, dude, if you really think everyone on the thread is stalking you then you obviously need some serious...
Quote: Originally Posted by lance konami I'm a small timer. Only nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, and marijuana. I will try DMT though eventually, and only properly administered by a shaman in the amazon. Don't forget the Kool Aid, Lance, you seem to be gulping it by the gallon.
Are you also getting other soles, such as the Medway?
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