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Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade And those combination crepe sole/leather toes that Alden likes look really cheap and crummy. IMHO. I agree, but if its a choice between having a crummy looking sole on a shoe or traction in wet conditions, I'll take traction.
Can leather soles be replaced with crepe during re-crafting? Does crepe stay pliable in very cold weather, unlike Dainite?
Probably a stupid question, but what's the big deal with crepe soles? Wouldn't the double soled shoes with a traction, topy-like cover be near as good? I'd particularly like to hear Tom from LS's opinion as they mention crepe soles for Winter/wet weather.
If you look at the Alden boot thread you will find that for $355 you can get Alden Cordovan captoe boots from Teamshoes. They still have a lot of smaller sizes left and might be your best bet for a dressy, yet servicable Winter boot.
Quote: Originally Posted by rambo What do you guys think: Chukka or High Boot? I'm not sure I dig the cap toe on the high boot. The cap toe makes it a little more formal, you can wear it with a suit on wet days, but it also looks good with cords or jeans.
Just bought a pair of the #8 chukkas from Teamshoes to keep my #8 high boots (shoe lace holes, not speed lacers at the top) company. The thing is to make sure that you get the sole that you want, some of the boots are double-soled, others are part rubber part leather.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty lawyerdad, You better grab some of these Aldens before they sellout http://www.teamshoeseaport.com/Men's-Shoes-shopfor1-for0-page0-perp1.html Anyone order from these guys recently? Don't seem to be responding to email and the phone is disconnected.
What is this company, International Male for heterosexuals? Although the models look like they'd prefer "foreskin feel" pockets.
Put it in with another cashmere jacket, a few months later you'll have a whole closet full.
Paul Stuart makes Extra Tall suits, sometimes they can be found on Ebay or on sale. They fit a tall, slim build pretty well and with a bit of tailoring should be fine for you.
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