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Didn't Obama's Chief of Staff say "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste"? Why the surprise that someone on the Right is saying essentially the same thing in order to point out the obvious?
PM sent.
I want to wear really tight pants, like the ones in the recent NYT pants post, but unlike the eunuchs in the pics, I don't want my junk smashed. Is a codpiece still an appropriate dressing option for gentlemen?
Put your money into the money market option. I put my 401k 90% into cash in the Spring of 2007, 10% in international equity (I didn't think the problems with the market would be so widespread). My 401k is down, approximately 4% since the market cratered. Preserve your capital as much as possible and go into equities when things look like they are stabilizing.
One for show, one for blow I always say. Referring to handkerchiefs, of course. Although it probably describes the relationship a lot of Forum members have with women and men, respectively. As for the question, if a woman was attractive enough she could ruin my best handkerchief, the pocket square stays in situ of course. Guys are SOL.
Surprised there's no interest. I'll be shipping this back on Wednesday if no one wants a great suit at a great price.
Quote: Originally Posted by KJT With color is it? Natural/tan/charcoal or grey/dark grey/charcoal? Its the one listed as grey/dark grey/ charcoal.
Never mind the Bullocks, here's the Sex Pistols! FB used to have lots of stuff from them, I still have a few sweaters.
Never. But I always give to the Salvation Army and other recognizable groups that do good work. While I don't want to judge anyone, neither do I want to facilitate self-destructive behavior; I'd rather give money to a responsible group than an individual who I'd have to trust to be responsible.
Measurements: Jacket chest 22.5" Jacket Length from bottom of the collar 32" Jacket Shoulders 19.5" Jacket Sleeve length 26" Jacket waist 20.5" Trouser waist (and any extra fabric to let out) 18" (laid flat), 1.5" max per side extra Trouser inseam (has it been hemmed?) No Suit is BNWT, so no alterations have been done. Isaia cut is V.
New Posts  All Forums: