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Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy Who ranked them with handgrade? I think the consensus is with benchgrade. I'll rank Alden about the same. Not gonna get into the whole Alden v. AE thing all over again; suffice to say, they're both very good and both have their partisans. Oops, meant benchgrade, must have been a Portnoyian slip.
Probably covered elsewhere, but if you rank AE with C&J Handgrade, where do you rank Alden?
Is it a party, or the ball of one of the Krewes? If the latter, wear black tie and rent it, if the latter, renting a tux probably isn't a bad idea anyway, even if you might be overdressed. In either case, by the end of the evening if whatever you're wearing isn't trashed, you aren't doing it N'awlins style.
With the new 30% off link there are a couple of Isaia Aquaspider suits left in 44 and 46L priced at $419. Here's the link: There is also a black Isaia suit for $419, but not sure if the size given is Euro or US.
The jackets have 2 or 3 purple sleeve tags, they must be 2x to 3x better than RLPL.
Quote: Originally Posted by Khnelben Also a few old time army brigades had skulls as their motiff. The 17th lancers had a skull and crossbones emblem with "or glory" on a banner draped between the crossed bones. The late lamented New Republic sold velvet slippers with a skull and crossbones modeled on the 17th's emblem on them made by Trickers, I believe.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spatlese I was after one of the eligible Belvests too, but nothing in my size . Some sick deals there for the 42's / 44's. Seems like almost everything is regular, I found only two suits in long.
Thanks for the tip. Got a Belvest suit for $419 after adding a $10 clearance item.
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos I think the K 50 also includes the tailor traveling from Italy to fit you. It probably also covers theDiesel's rust-proof suit undercoating, or whatever it was he was babbling about.
Look at the collar, it doesn't even fit properly. You'd think to showcase a suit that expensive they'd have found a model who it fit.
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