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Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol A long time ago, I heard style was subjective! I wonder if this still holds true today ... Once I get a camera and post what I look like, you'll understand why they fit in with me. Style is subjective, but some things just look ridiculous: think of that hardhat beer holder thing Philadelphia Eagles fans wear. Unless you are two-feet tall, you'll look silly in those boots.
Sent a couple of PMs, didn't get a reply, guess they all sold.
Don't know if there were any Harringtons in 12, but if there were and they don't fit, send me a PM. Thanks.
What was the price of the shells on GVH? Keep missing these deals, unfortunately.
Same for 12s, particularly the Harringtons.
'85 Gould Campbell. Still has a good bit of life ahead of it.
Don't add basil to the sauce if you're going to freeze it. Add fresh basil to the sauce right before serving after you've reheated it. As for recipes, Rao's cookbook has a really good marinara recipe that takes only slightly more effort than doctoring jarred sauce. We also make the puttanesco and veal marsala from the book quite often, its a great Italian cookbook and well worth the price.
Prius drivers are the biggest douchebags. I have yet to see someone drive a Prius who had the skill to handle anything more complex than a tricycle, but the fact that they are so self-righteous while driving badly makes this a true douchemobile. The fact that Prius's really aren't environmentally friendly adds ignorance to the equation as well.
Somehow forgot to add to my list: soft shell crab sandwich (fried crab on good bread, butter, hot sauce, lemon juice and arrugala) really great with a cold beer.
Cheeseburger, BLT, Club, Roast Beef Po Boy, Muffaletta, Shrimp Po Boy, Oyster Loaf; as good as Reubens are, there are a lot of sandwiches that are better. My favorite deli type sandwich is actually thinly sliced rare roast beef on rye or a kaiser roll with thousand island dressing, cole slaw and sliced red onion, kinda wish I had one right now.
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