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In case anyone cares, I will be returning a pair of 11.5 G in Black. I am keeping the 11.5 Gs in tan, although I am also happy with my 11 G in Chestnut from Orvis. The 11.5s don't seem that much longer, but they are a bit wider, however slightly thicker socks seem to remedy that problem. BTW, has anyone tried antiquing the tan?
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Rubber, or leather? I hope this isn't a question you frequently ask.
one of two ways: either the Ascot way; or double it over, and pass the ends through the "u" formed when you doubled the ends.
I think that's an abbreviation for Northampshire, which is the home of English footwear.
Paraboot Avignon, more elegant, but along the same lines.
Mainly 11.5 but 1 or 2 pairs of 11s and 12s. All are Ds, I'll post pics as soon as I can on the selling part of the Forum. Besides the Sulka there are a pair of Grenson Jodhpur boots (unworn, supposed to be a D width but feel very narrow to me), Mantallesis (including a great pair of brown suede ankle boots) etc. There may also be a pair or two of Lobbs and EGs if I can get to the 5th stage of grief and part with them. Most are shoes that I bought but that seemed too...
I have two pairs of Sulka shoes that were made in Italy, does anyone know who made them? I'm asking because I have several pairs of very nice new/gently used shoes that I am going to offer for sale on the Forum, or on Ebay, and I would like to know who made the Sulka shoes. Thanks for your help.
He's a Cowboy, of course he's better than the run of the mill sportscaster, as is Troy Aikman.
I'd say they've really shot themselves in the foot with these shoes.
Depending on your size, Land's End is closing out some Alfred Sargent suede chukkas for $143. They would probably be be better made than your other choices. That said, I own the CT's (I bought them during their sale earlier this year for $87 and at that price they are a good value) and I really like them.
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