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When I lived in NYC I knew an Italian guy who wore a cape when he first moved there, but the incessant shouts of "Count Dracula/Chocula, you suck" etc made him abandon it fairly quickly. This guy lived in the East Village, so if it got that kind of reception there, can't imagine it'll be received more positively elsewhere.
Quote: Originally Posted by gorgekko I would burn the first pair and not buy the second pair. +1
I'm not a very frequent smoker, but the occasional cigar after dinner, or pipe while I'm reading or walking around is a real joy. And pipes, like cigars, have really cool paraphernalia.
Was on the fence about this for awhile, despite the obvious advantages of Blu Ray. Before Christmas decided BR was going to be the winner and bought a PS3 (which is also a great BR player) as part of a very sweet HDTV deal. Watching movies on BR is incredible, and the Planet Earth and Blue Planet series on BR are a revelation. If you have a 1080p HDTV, I would definitely buy a PS3 and Planet Earth on BR, you won't regret it.
Didn't see on the list: Lanark by Gray, Against the Grain by Huysmans, The Names by DeLillo.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Been there, done that. Dude never showed for the court date, so now there's a bench warrant out on his ass. Shouldn't it be a chair warrant?
When I saw it I was reminded of that line from The Simpson's "move over eggs, bacon has a new best friend, fudge."
Vosges makes a chocolate bar with bacon and fleur de sel, it sounds strange, but tastes incredible.
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan Was so tipsy by the time New Year's came, I could've been drinking drano and it would've tasted good. Actually, I almost was drinking drano - Korbel. Korbel actually makes a pretty decent Black Velvet, but on its own its pretty dismal.
Almost every New Year's Eve and St. Valentine's Day, we have caviar on blini with champagne or vodka. Would like to have it more often, but its really gotten expensive, much more so than in the past due to overfishing. This year we tried domestic paddlefish caviar, and it was quite surprisingly good, and at 1/3 to 1/4 the price of Russian or Iranian caviar a real bargain. BTW, read somewhere that bars in NYC used to offer caviar as part of a free buffet when you bought a...
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