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I've got some nice US 11.5-12 shoes up, most BNiB including Alden cigar shell NSTs and a very rare pair of EG that I bought new but wore only once.
Right now drinking Cerbois XO. I bought a bunch of Compass Box whiskies, including a bottle of Orangerie I haven't opened, on very deep discount. I'm going to have to try the Orangerie just to see how terrible it is, but it only cost $15 or so, so not a big deal. MMWS is one of the best all-round gins out there imho, great in a martini, G&T or pretty much any other gin drink. I keep trying different gins out of curiosity, most recently Monkey 47 and Jensen's, but most of...
Lately mine's been either MMWS or The Botanist 6:1 with Dolin, DeGroffs Orange bitters and a standard olive. For the competition I want the gins to compete purely on their merits, with the vermouth the only addition.
Compass Box makes some really interesting Scotch. Had a bottle of Hedonism awhile ago, really good. Have also tried Peat Monster, Spice Tree and Flaming Heart and they're all good. The only disappointment I've had is Eleuthera, good enough in its own right but fell short of expectations given the others I'd tried.
Jensens is very nice, definitely worth trying. Thinking of having a martini death match between Jensens, MMWS, Plymouth and the Botanist using Dolin no olives, twist or bitters.
A 6:1 Jensen's London Dry Gin and Dolin Martini.
BNWT JCrew Harris Tweed jacket in an ink blue called Heather Shadow herringbone tweed. The jacket is half-lined and comes with a throat latch piece. Great color tweed jacket with patch pockets, the last pic is closest to the actual color. $200 shipped Cont USA.
I think/thought he was saying marinate first, then sous vide, which would not turn out well. Thinking he would sous vide the steak in the ziplock using displacement method to remove air, but purely conjecture on my part. Fwiw, I always marinate in ziplocks, less cleanup and better coverage by the marinade.
yes, the acidity in addition to long cooking will ruin the steak.
Causse cognac peccary with cashmere lining: Dents Heritage olive hairsheep with chamois lining:
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