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I deleted the email I received from them today, but if you call 1-800-713-4534 and explain to them what happened they will probably take your order and give you the discount. Their customer service is top notch.
Just put a pair of 12 barely used Eastland Made in Maine Jefferson Chukka boots on B&S if anyone is looking for a nice Fall boot: http://www.styleforum.net/t/510483/eastland-made-in-maine-jefferson-chukka-12-m-dark-brown
Gently worn, precisely once, pair of Eastland Made in Maine Jefferson boots in dark brown size 12M. These originally listed for $370. Great boots, but too small for me.
Will be decanting this shortly to go with a roast chicken (T. Keller's super easy version).
I agree. I made the Flamenco from D&Co last night, but unfortunately the only Genever I had was barrel aged Boomsma, it has little or no juniper to it, so the wrong flavor profile for the drink. Seemed like it would be a nice sherry based variant to the Flor de Jerez though, so will have to try it again.
I do the same, but I also have some interesting sherries laying around, so often either just use them straight or mix with them.My wife is a huge CDP fan, I'm more of a Northern Rhone guy, but truly appreciate the South as well. We are at the tail-end of some '00-01 CDP, nothing as exalted as either Mont-Redon or Pegau, but good, stuff like Clos de Papes.Well there you go! Although I find the cocktail suggestions on their website underwhelming. I might make a Rob Roy or a...
Flor de Jerez as an aperitif.
Rye Witch earlier, very nice. Trying out Monkey Shoulder blended malt right now, it's ok for the price, might try mixing with it.
A pair of BNWT dark brown Dents men's gloves in size L. These are from the Heritage Collection and were made in the UK of deerskin with a sky blue Scottish cashmere lining. Great gloves, very stylish, originally sold for $275 at J Crew. $130 shipped Cont USA.
Margaritas last night: 1.5/1/1 with Siembra Azul/Brizard Curacao/lime juice. Hemingway Daiquiris tonight, probably followed by Firestone Pale 31 with grilled burgers.
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