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Searched, but didn't see this problem addressed, so hopefully it's not a redundant question. Has anyone had a buyer not pay, relisted the item and gotten a bid from the same person under a new account name (as in zero feedback)? If so, what did you do about it? Did ebay help (stupid question, I know)?
I ordered several pairs of Gammarelli wool socks from them last year, they've held up well and are quite comfortable. The colors are very deep and vivid, it's hard for a monitor to do them justice. Jacques is extremely helpful and willing to answer questions/ give advice via email, so the whole process is very easy. Shipping rates are reasonable.
Bag looks like it has a few scratches and some loose threads, everything really looks new though. I'm guessing gloves or ps. Btw, wish I could keep things I use as nice as you apparently do.
Good to know, I like the look of that shirt and will have to keep my eyes out for one. I have an old PRL wool buffalo plaid over shirt that is really scratchy but great with a turtleneck or mock neck. In the northeast I wear it frequently on weekends during the colder months.
That is a great looking shirt; kind of curious, is it scratchy?
Speaking of win: NWT Favourbrook Smoking Jacket from the bay, fits like it was made for me!
A peck of peccary gloves for this Autumn from Barneys, Dents (hat tip to Matt22616 for the Yoox head's up), Merola and a rare NOS pair of Daniel Hays with a stamp stating the master cutter's name.
Thanks for the replies, was thinking it was from rjman! Does Ring Jacket make long sizes?
YThat is a great jacket, been looking for something similar, who made it?
I have a bnwt just like that one except its a Polo IV and all cashmere (42L), was thinking of throwing it on the bay or B&S due to amount of tapering it would need. But your post and the responses with pics are making me rethink that. Now thinking it would look pretty sweet with gray flannels and snuff suede chukkas.
New Posts  All Forums: