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12.75" x 4.375
Pretty sure your remark applies to all religions ever, not just Jews and Catholics, and also to Atheists.
That thing is like Freddie Kruger, or identity theft, it keeps coming back to haunt you.
Even if they just put s/r/l info it'd be helpful, and virtually no trouble to add.
The biggest problem I've had with Yoox is the lack of good size info, I've ordered quite a few jackets but they've all been too short. I know that the chance of them carrying long sizes is remote, but it's worth taking a shot sometimes.
JCrew has a couple of Drakes pocket squares for $35 with code Extra50, there are also interesting squares by other makers. https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/tiesandpocketsquares/pocketsquares/PRDOVR~05774/99103162503/ENE~1+2+3+22+4294967294+20+225~~P_new_to_sale|1||P_priority|0~21+16+4294967153~90~~~~~~~/05774.jsp?isSaleItem=true&isFromSale=true
Thanks, Roman!
Just added 4 bnib size 12 pairs to Classic Menswear Marketplace: Grenson for PS, Howard Yount, AS for TRL and Silvano Sassetti of RLPL fame!
BNIB Goodyear Welted brown calfskin Blucher in size 11, fits US 12M. Beautiful shoes made by the craftsmen responsible for RLPL made in Italy shoes, great quality at a significantly lower price. $200 shipped Cont US. SOLD!
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