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Gentry (née HWC&S) has OSB black Horween SC beef roll loafers on sale for $276 with free shipping: http://gentrynyc.com/collections/sale/products/oak-street-black-cordovan-beefroll
A Ferrari? Surely not another one? Sadly no 12Fs in the G&G.
Thanks for the heads up, had a $10 off code and with shipr free shipping code it came out to just less than $90!
Probably wildly ymmv, but picked up a Rag&Bone Coldhayes Chesterfield coat at Marshall's for $200.00.
Ok now this guy says he'll send payment as a gift, so he has no recourse. Would u guys do this or just keep it on eBay. He suggested it, so not sure if eBay would say I violated rules if I did it. Also would pay eBay fees, just don't want to give him any recourse at all or ability to leave feedback. Have any of u guys had any experience like this?
The guy who defaulted on his pymt just did a bin on the item. I canceled the sale and refunded him. Is there anyway to block buyers with 0 feedback?
Thanks for the advice. Pretty odd, I did this and shortly thereafter a bid by an account with 1 feedback rating from over a year ago for a book popped up. I don't know if there are more scammers targeting eBay right now, if it's just the item or if it's the original buyer trying to beat down the price, but it's really weird.
Searched, but didn't see this problem addressed, so hopefully it's not a redundant question. Has anyone had a buyer not pay, relisted the item and gotten a bid from the same person under a new account name (as in zero feedback)? If so, what did you do about it? Did ebay help (stupid question, I know)?
I ordered several pairs of Gammarelli wool socks from them last year, they've held up well and are quite comfortable. The colors are very deep and vivid, it's hard for a monitor to do them justice. Jacques is extremely helpful and willing to answer questions/ give advice via email, so the whole process is very easy. Shipping rates are reasonable.
Bag looks like it has a few scratches and some loose threads, everything really looks new though. I'm guessing gloves or ps. Btw, wish I could keep things I use as nice as you apparently do.
New Posts  All Forums: