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BNWT Barbour x Tokito black waxed cotton (6oz, I think but not sure) Military Jacket (precursor to the Shoredace) in size M. This jacket is lined, like the Shoredace and does not have the detachable vest like the Military Jacket with the two-tone pockets. Tons of pockets, attached hood and internal waist tighteners. The jacket measures 21" across the chest and 30" from the collar seam to the hem in the back. $360 shipped Cont USA.
Whiteys? Seriously?
Will be popping this open once we are a little closer to dinner.
Wanted to repost my question re the maker of the Gruppo Clark shoes. Found this post by Gyasih while conducting a search, it looks to me like they are the same maker: My shoes: So do they look like the same maker to you guys, and if so, is the maker Sutor? Thanks.
Think the last pic on this page is the original of the Shoredace/Tokito jacket: http://www.barbour.com/all-about-wax Kind of interesting.
Difficult to get a shot, but I think you can see the font well enough in this pic. Thanks for the help!
Only the numbers 80242 together and then 7 about an inch away, and the size. Nothing else is written on the inside.
I picked these up from Yoox and wondering who the maker might be. They were made for Gruppo Clark. There are numbers along the inside of the heel, but no other identifiers other than on the soles, pics below.
Great suggestion, thanks!
Wondering if any of the experts on this thread can identify the maker of these shoes for Gruppo Clark (x-post from a thread asking this same question)?
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