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This is a beautiful pair of preowned Sutor Mantellassi Norvegese welt boots in a really amazing pebble-grained brown leather. Made for Louis of Boston when Sutor Mantellassi was making truly excellent shoes and boots. These boots have a vibram sole and speed laces. The sole measures 12.25x4.5". $100 shipped Cont USA.
Haven't tried that one, but would have to sub Strega for the Yellow Chartreuse, which obviously makes it even more appropriate for Halloween!May try it after dinner.
Thanks, my wife also suggested that one and the Zombie. I was embarrassed to have forgotten them!
Any ideas for Halloween cocktails, thinking of Satan's Whiskers, Satan's Circus or Black Lodge, but wondering if you guys know of others that are appropriate?
That's what I like about the special bottlings of Dad's Hat, they are made Farm to Bottle in PA:The Bourbon that got me interested in the old whiskey industry on the East Coast:Sadly its my last bottle, so I'm saving it for a special occasion.
A little digestif.
I prefer Rye to Bourbon, usually mix with High West Double or one of the Dad's Hat PA special bottlings, if I'm dubious about the recipe I'll try it first with Old Overcoat (Wacky Packages!). I've got some unopened better bottles around like Handy, Whistle Pig and Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7.
Really hard to get a good pic due to the cloudiness this weekend and the darkness of the jackets. Will try again this weekend.
Gently worn, precisely once, pair of Eastland Made in Maine Jefferson boots in dark brown size 12M. Horween leather. These originally listed for $370. Great boots, but too small for me.
The STP sale has been a real boon, particularly early on. I got 4 jackets, none of them really typically Barbour: all are navy and only one is waxed cotton. I bought a Shoredace, Markham, Aberfeldy and a wool Gamefair. 4 really nice Barbours for under $500 is not bad at all. I'll post pics if I get a chance.
New Posts  All Forums: