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Just finishing a Botanist cocktail, about to have a Great Lakes Rye of the Tiger with a grilled soft shell crab sandwich with aioli and hot sauce.
Supplies are dwindling, but Herring Shoes has Church's Sahara chukkas in several different make-ups for @ $175; all in with delivery to the US its about $210.
The Hanger Project has Drake's ties and pocket squares on sale up to 70% off. PS are $24, ties $46-51. http://www.hangerproject.com/promotions/hanger-project-sale.html?utm_source=bronto&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Image+-+Drakes+London+Sale&utm_content=Drake%27s+London+Final+Closeout+-+70%25+Off+Ties+%26+Pocket+Squares&utm_campaign=July+2014+-+Drakes+Final+Closeout&_bta_tid=3.bqw.CGS70g.C4lu.AXG-Ow..AjopJA.b..l.BT8L.a.U9EtgA.U9EtgA.rLIgHQ&_bta_c=81xx7uz94xdmg56ncg8nu1yr44k3b
Not anywhere near as good as the old Daffy's pricing, but if you are on their mailing list STP has Incotex Super 100s Benson trousers on sale for $170 in khaki and olive. I bought a pair of each last week at a slightly cheaper level, and they are first quality and very nice. They also have some chinos and...
G&T (while my wife makes lobster rolls) made with Martin Miller's Westbourne strength gin mixed with Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic and lime, of course.
According to this article, actually a linked article, 007 was right: http://pjmedia.com/instapundit/191500/
^^^^speaking of Tiki cocktails, made Mai Tais tonight from the original Trader Joe's recipe, used a mix of Zaya and Hallmark 25 yr old Demarara rums, Small Hands orgeat and Marie Brizard CuraƧao.
^^^if those were a 1/2 size larger they'd be gone. Great find!
Some of the McNairy shoes/boots look to be a good deal at sub $200. A lot of people on SF don't like Sanders, but the Low Country boots I ordered appear well-made, leather is better than standard Sanders and they look like they are from MM's FW14 line.
Thanks PCK1, unfortunately I'll be wearing it all Summer
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