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Got it on Tuesday via Amazon, unfortunately have strep throat so not drinking. On the one hand looking through it is diverting, on the other entirely frustrating as I really want to start making their drinks.
I agree, in general they've been disappointing. That said I have a bottle of Southern Tier Warlock in the fridge; I find the idea of a pumpkin Imperial Stout interesting.
True, but there's a world of difference between a daiquiri made fresh and blended with ice and one made with, essentially, frozen limeade and rum.
Daiquiri: 1.5 rum (using 1 light rum, .5 aged rum), .75 lime juice, .25 gomme. Can't understand why this drink isn't more popular, really simple and tasty; probably ruined by all the frozen Daiquiri crap people drink at Lame bars.
3-2-2 tequila, lime juice, triple sec.Drinking an Ace of Clubs right now, as a digestif. Added a dash of Bitter Truth Xocolatl bitters to spice it up. Cheers!
A Margarita only has 3 ingredients, what's the 1?
Pretty sure the aging casks are different varieties of oak as well.
I was the same way, won't even use them on pads, but the commuter came with an accessory bundle so I tried it and it's not bad at all, a skin with a tight shell over it, really doesn't bug me at all. I think they knew they were losing biz due to the bulk and crappy design of their products. On my old iPhone i just used a skin, and this is not much bigger, if at all.
^^^ I got an otter box commuter case, really helps with the slipperiness. What drives me nuts about the power button is I keep turning down the volume when I hit it due to the way I hold the phone.
BNIB Church's dark brown suede chukkas UK 11G fits like a US 12 wide D or E. Made in the UK with a Commando type sole. Fully lined with soft leather. Great shoes for Fall, almost identical to the APC suede chukkas on Mr Porter for less than half the price! Ship to Cont USA only. Cross post from Classic Menswear Classifieds.
New Posts  All Forums: