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I'll have to try that, I have a bottle of Austrian pine liqueur. What proportions do you use?
I've had a bottle of it for awhile, but still trying to find a cocktail that I really like it in. They've recently, I think, put some pretty interesting drink recipes up on the St George's site, so I'll try them soon. I was hoping to use it to replicate the Pins and Needles cocktail I had at a steak place in Vegas (maybe Craft Steak?), but no luck so far.
Is that the St George's Terroir Gin?
Monty, how is the leather on those SMs? Thanks for the heads up, btw.
I used a 25% off single code to buy 3 sale items, it worked perfectly. They have expiration dates on them, though. Maybe yours had expired.
Tarragon Nano is the best, it can now be purchased from several sources.
Thanks,I like Rye a lot as well, mostly mix with it though. I'll have to try the Taylor.
A Rye Witch as an aperitif.
Pic of the label:
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