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I agree, we haven't had any problems yet. Just responding to the statement about bacteria growing in the absence of oxygen.
Anaerobic bacteria can be nasty buggers, also Botulin toxin is produced in anaerobic conditions by a fairly common bacteria.
Going to put a few pairs of BNIB shoes up on the 'bay in the next few days: Alden Cigar Shell NST with antique sole on the Barrie last in 12D (first quality Bootmaker Edition for TSM); Oak St Black Shell Beefroll Loafers in 12D and Church's Sahara dark brown suede chukkas with an antique leather sole. Happy to entertain reasonable inquiries, but the Aldens will almost certainly go to Ebay.
A surprisingly (or perhaps not given the vigneron) vibrant bottle of 2001 Barmes Buecher Pinot Noir Vieille Vigne with leftover Boeuf Bourguignon.
This is the torch I've got, the Searzall. It works much better than the typical kitchen torch. I'm still waiting for the "steak decorator" from their Kickstarter campaign but couldn't be happier with the Searzall.
The sweaters I ordered are very nice; lighter weight cashmere suitable for layering or wearing on cool nights during the warmer months. They appear to be well-made and the cashmere may live up to the website's hype. The only nit I'll pick is that they use those crappy, dainty European zippers.
Pair of walking shoes on the dreaded Modified last, with one of the more egregious flaws I've run across in buying 2nds.
Negroni with Smooth Ambler Barrel-Aged Gin, making it kind of a cross between a Negroni and a Boulevardier.
NP, I'll post once I get them. I'd seen the same site and a few others, so decided to take a chance.
I took advantage of the code and drops to order some cashmere sweaters by Richard Grand, I don't know the brand and there's not a lot about it online, but it looks legit. Hoping they turn out to be a nice score.
New Posts  All Forums: