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I just checked out my Lowerdale, that's a good idea I'm going to look into it.
Is it possible to have a quilted jacket altered? I have a quilted Commander/Sporting jacket that is XL (needed for the length), but that need to be taken in 1.5-2" on each side. Any guidance would be appreciated.
Southside made with No 3 gin.
Never had the Martin Miller regular gin, just the MMWS, and its awesome! Having a Junipero/Dolin Dry Martini tonight, because the weather is nicely cool. Probably the last Martini for us till the fall.
My dream box got hit hard, but two items I really wanted were marked down 40 and 50%, so I'm pretty happy.
Unless they've started a new promotion the 20% off expired, but it didn't apply to most new arrivals.
Thanks for the mention Razl! I'll knock an additional $10 off if you mention you saw them on this thread.
Thanks Razl!
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