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Great suggestion, thanks!
Wondering if any of the experts on this thread can identify the maker of these shoes for Gruppo Clark (x-post from a thread asking this same question)?
Picked these up from Yoox and wondering who the maker might be. There are numbers along the inside of the heel, but no other identifiers other than on the soles, pics below.
Just to further muddy the waters here: below is a pic of the box from a pair of boots I bought from Yoox. At one point it had clearly been on Farfetch, I don't know what the price was on FF, but the Yoox price was very good. I've never found the pricing on Farfetch all that enticing compared to Yoox, and they rarely have anything I want in my size
'83 Gould Campbell, it's finally cool enough for Port.
This, although I feel like I should be drinking something from France:
They started doing that because some Drumohr items were made in Scotland and had English sizing and some were made in Italy with Italian sizing, so e.g. a size 50 could either fit really well or be enormous. Most of the Scottish stuff is long gone, but for awhile it provided a great opportunity as those sweaters got marked down to ridiculous levels, almost certainly due to confusion over sizing.
Yes, they all serve different purposes.
@saint Preowned Sutor Mantellassi Norvegese Brown Boots 11.5M Thank you for the mention @Razl! Mention that you saw the boots on this thread and I'll take 10% off.
Finally got some decent light, so took a break from raking to take some terrible selfies. As promised, these are the Barbours I got from STP recently: Shoredace Wool Gamefair Aberfeldy Markham
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