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Thanks Razl!
A NWT Sartoria Attolini 3/Roll 2 sport coat in size 42L with side vents. The cloth is a tweed like pattern composed of a luxurious blend of 70% wool, 15% angora and 15% cashmere. Purchased new from Shop the Finest, the tags are the ones shown attached to the interior buttonhole. The fourth picture shows a tag detailing the jacket's measurements. I love the jacket, but purchased it while in the midst of losing some weight and reshaping my body a bit, in order to fit me it...
Both sold!
Dropped prices on the shoes in my signature, they are really good deals.
Yoox has just posted 15% off most items, 20% off for Superstars. Of course the one thing I really wanted in my dream box disappeared immediately!
I am a Superstar (why? dunno, but I'll take it). I received codes in boxes until a couple of months ago, since then nothing. I do return a lot of stuff due to being tall and the scanty size info on Yoox, so that may have something to do with it. If Yoox is reducing the amount of codes they send out, I'd like to know.
60% of your, very few posts, contain a link to the same website. Pretty sure that's an indication of spam.
I just checked out my Lowerdale, that's a good idea I'm going to look into it.
Is it possible to have a quilted jacket altered? I have a quilted Commander/Sporting jacket that is XL (needed for the length), but that need to be taken in 1.5-2" on each side. Any guidance would be appreciated.
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