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Rye Witch earlier, very nice. Trying out Monkey Shoulder blended malt right now, it's ok for the price, might try mixing with it.
A pair of BNWT dark brown Dents men's gloves in size L. These are from the Heritage Collection and were made in the UK of deerskin with a sky blue Scottish cashmere lining. Great gloves, very stylish, originally sold for $275 at J Crew. $130 shipped Cont USA.
Margaritas last night: 1.5/1/1 with Siembra Azul/Brizard Curacao/lime juice. Hemingway Daiquiris tonight, probably followed by Firestone Pale 31 with grilled burgers.
Ain't it the truth. Made your version of the White Negroni using Aveze instead of Suze. My wife thought it was a bit too boozy for her mood, so I got to drink both of them!
Thank you, Razl!
@razl thanks for mentioning the jacket I have for sale, I'll take $50 off if the buyer mentions this thread.
BNWT Polo Ralph Lauren 42L sport coat made in Italy by Corneliani. The fabric is a beautiful brown herringbone and is 100% cashmere. The cut is the SF approved and very popular Polo IV, featuring dual vents and a ticket pocket. A really useful and versatile jacket that will go well with flannels, cords, etc. $600 shipped Cont USA. Moved to EBay.
Huntsman, any opinion on Aveze vs Suze? I've got a bottle of Aveze somewhere around here, just need to dig it out.
With waxed cotton, wear it until it needs rewaxing, clean it with a sponge as much as possible and then instead of rewaxing it use Nikwax Cotton Proof to waterproof it. The jacket will breathe better but still shed water.
Thanks Razl, I appreciate the mention.
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