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Thanks,I like Rye a lot as well, mostly mix with it though. I'll have to try the Taylor.
A Rye Witch as an aperitif.
Pic of the label:
That's one of the few liquors/liqueurs that supposedly improves in bottle. I have an unopened bottle that's about 30 years old, one of these days I need to buy a new bottle and test them side by side.
Same here, Superstar but no 35% off code.
I picked up a couple of very nice Drake cashmere turtlenecks from this seller, for a great price, this past summer.
Black Lodge with Dad's Hat 95 proof (distilled and bottled in PA).
That Kempt is nice. I'm selling a BNWT Barbour x Tokito Military jacket in black: http://www.styleforum.net/t/515215/bnwt-barbour-x-tokito-black-waxed-cotton-military-jacket-size-m
Just put a BNIB pair of Paraboot Vigny monk straps on B&S in UK11. Great shoes but too small for me.
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