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Thanks B, I'll have to look around for it.
I like these two a lot, and find them quite versatile. I've been experimenting a bit replacing some of the Campari in the Negroni with Aperol, as my wife finds a traditional Negroni too bitter. If you can find Vya Sweet Vermouth it makes an excellent traditional Negroni.
Half price.
Great shoes, even better price! Congratulations!
Singapore Sling (orig recipe).
'98 Mazeris Bellevue with dinner. Mixing a Trinidad Sour as a digestif.
Just finishing a Botanist cocktail, about to have a Great Lakes Rye of the Tiger with a grilled soft shell crab sandwich with aioli and hot sauce.
Supplies are dwindling, but Herring Shoes has Church's Sahara chukkas in several different make-ups for @ $175; all in with delivery to the US its about $210.
The Hanger Project has Drake's ties and pocket squares on sale up to 70% off. PS are $24, ties $46-51. http://www.hangerproject.com/promotions/hanger-project-sale.html?utm_source=bronto&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Image+-+Drakes+London+Sale&utm_content=Drake%27s+London+Final+Closeout+-+70%25+Off+Ties+%26+Pocket+Squares&utm_campaign=July+2014+-+Drakes+Final+Closeout&_bta_tid=3.bqw.CGS70g.C4lu.AXG-Ow..AjopJA.b..l.BT8L.a.U9EtgA.U9EtgA.rLIgHQ&_bta_c=81xx7uz94xdmg56ncg8nu1yr44k3b
Not anywhere near as good as the old Daffy's pricing, but if you are on their mailing list STP has Incotex Super 100s Benson trousers on sale for $170 in khaki and olive. I bought a pair of each last week at a slightly cheaper level, and they are first quality and very nice. They also have some chinos and...
New Posts  All Forums: