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Thanks, trying to thin out the shoes that don't fit me well. It's gonna be a long process!
^^^^ using that method my hands measure 9.5x8, and I took a 10 in those gloves.
They are nice gloves, but the sizing is a little off, in Dents or Merola I take a 9/9.5 in the Barney's gloves I take a 10. The peccary skin is very supple and the linings are nice, so well worth the money. There are also some Chester Jeffries gloves that look good.
The box I have doesn't reference a UK size, it says Eur 11.5/US 12. Paraboot and Weston do Goodyear construction, not sure Heschung does, but I'm by no means an expert on French shoes.
^^^I have a pair of the Trembles in black marked 11.5 and a pair of the Rhus also 11.5, they fit me just about perfectly, a little snug in the width at first but they loosen up a bit over time.
^^^Since Prada took them over some people feel that quality has slipped, and honestly I think at one point it had. They were using full and partial linen linings in dress shoes, etc, and crap like the Shanghai shoes didn't help. Seems like they are trying to get back on track, the Ryder IIIs are well designed and well made.
Pocket Squares: J. Crew Kent Wang Drake's
I know Church's are frowned upon by many SF members, but I really like the Ryder III chukka. This pair is Hematite, a sort of dark grey, really very unusual.
BNIB Crockett & Jones for Polo Ralph Lauren dark buck suede captoe brogued Bluchers in 12D. Great shoes for Spring/Summer. Made in England, the soles measure 4.25" x 12.75". $150 shipped Cont USA.
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