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I think/thought he was saying marinate first, then sous vide, which would not turn out well. Thinking he would sous vide the steak in the ziplock using displacement method to remove air, but purely conjecture on my part. Fwiw, I always marinate in ziplocks, less cleanup and better coverage by the marinade.
yes, the acidity in addition to long cooking will ruin the steak.
Causse cognac peccary with cashmere lining: Dents Heritage olive hairsheep with chamois lining:
Not really a good idea, unless your cook time is very short you are going to end up with mush.
Thanks TO, auctions go live at 11 pm EST tonight.
The logic of cooking a hamburger sous vide escapes me, its an unnecessary and dubious step. I suppose people do it because they can, kind of like a dog licking its junk.
It's like raw eggs, between Caesar salads, steak tartar, protein nogs etc I've probably eaten hundreds of raw eggs and never gotten sick from doing so, but to listen to the food nannies you'd think eating raw eggs is the equivalent of eating plutonium.
I agree, we haven't had any problems yet. Just responding to the statement about bacteria growing in the absence of oxygen.
Anaerobic bacteria can be nasty buggers, also Botulin toxin is produced in anaerobic conditions by a fairly common bacteria.
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