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Wow! Those are beautiful. I wish they were larger and wider.
Satan's Whiskers (curled, out of Grand Marnier except for an unopened bottle of 150 year old), following a bottle of '06 Chave St Joseph Offerus with dinner.
Finally grabbed a bottle of Gran Classico and made a Negroni with Martin Miller's Westbourne and Carpano Antica. Really nice, think GC really is better than Campari.
Which Luxardo, bitters (seems like a lot if it was Maraschino)?
Hi SS, did u sell these? If not what is the Australian size and do u have pics? Thanks
Will at ASW has Rubinacci Victory squares back in stock, in navy only. http://www.asuitablewardrobe.net/new-arrivals/back-in-stock/rubinacci-victory-silk-pocket-squares.html
^^^^^ I have that PRL robe, bought it from C21 ages ago for a lot less than that price. It's a great robe, super high quality, highly recommended if you need a really amazing silk robe.
Don't have Cynar, was thinking of making this with Amer Picon instead, but figured it wouldn't work. Made a Vesper instead with Tempus Fugit Kina, still think it's an insipid cocktail but a couple of dashes of orange bitters (DeGoffs) made it ok. The TF was much better in a Vesper than Cocchi Americano, but I think the vodka dilutes the gin too much.
Wow, very nice! What did you have it with?
^^^^ Thanks Ben and Riva, I ordered the SC, hoping its long enough for me as it looks great!
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