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New shoes: Alden NST Blucher in cigar shell cordovan. Couple of pairs of Heschungs.
Looks like a Frankensuit, pieces from 3 different suits cobbled together into an unholy monstrosity.
^^^Really nice G, great color and styling!
I lived in soho at that time and, like you, couldn't afford much at NR, but I did hit their sales. It was a great store and soho was an awesome place to live.That vest was a steal at that price, good catch.
Say no to hate, participate!
The Sulkas were in the same box as the New Republics, should have a Sulka Ich Dein pair somewhere around here as well (when Sulka went OOB they were giving them away). The EG are more recent.
Didn't really have a chance to take great pics, but as a teaser: The EG shoes were each worn 1or 2 times, the AS are bnib. The PS were worn maybe 5x, I also have them in black. The slippers are new. More to come as I get things organized.
Speaking of cool shoes, Roman you probably won't know this shop, the late lamented New Republic, but Matt might. Was unpacking some boxes from our move this weekend and uncovered these: I thought they had gotten lost in a prior move, but they were just in the wrong box.
^^^ Sorry, 12 is a weird size, it's either feast or famine when it comes to selection.
New Posts  All Forums: