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Herring Shoes has Church Sahara Desert Boots with dark edged crepe soles for 1/2 price, delivered to the US they are roughly $180, so no duty charges. Colors are dark brown, navy and mud. I have them in navy and hematite with Dainite soles, mud with regular crepe soles and a pair of the dark brown coming from this sale. Great boots: very comfortable and good looking. Link: ...
Might be what's now called the Commander or Sport jacket (it's the non-tokito version of the jacket from Skyfall).
Its National Scotch Day, so having a Black Grouse as it seems a bit too warm for a single malt.
Convention dictates that someone say: "and he would've gotten away with it if it hadn't been for those meddling kids" about now. Consider it done!
For the home cooks out there STP has a 5 piece Scanpan CTX set on closeout for $200, the same set on Amazon is $500. No coupons that I have reduce it further, but the coupon they sent out this morning will get you free shipping. Its also induction compatible Link: http://www.sierratradingpost.com/scanpan-ctx-cookware-set-5-piece~p~4925d/?filterString=s~scanpan%2F&colorFamily=99
I have a pair of bnib Carmina dark brown suede chukkas on the Soller last in UK 11.5, would love to trade them for the same thing in UK 12 if anyone has a pair that are too large. Will prob throw on B&S if I can't find a trade. Will post pics if anyone is interested.
They're pretty good, particularly when you want a drink but don't want to put any effort into making it. Just a couple of dashes of Angostura Bitters in a chilled martini glass, dump the excess and add a couple of ounces of gin that have been shaken or stirred with ice, that's it.
Awesome! But I think you mean "plumb". Otherwise, good work.
Had a Southside and some wine earlier, but feel like it's my patriotic duty to have a martini. About to mix up a 7/1 Jensens/Dolin Dry martini with a dash of Regans orange bitters and a twist.
Almost a jinx, did the same thing for an aperitif, but with Smooth Ambler gin. Followed by an '04 Cornas with grilled steak.
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