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Sorry, my brother and I trade drink recipes all the time so abbreviations become second nature. But you nailed it Martin Miller Westbourne Strength, it's a great gin.
MMWS is my go to, I like several others (The Botanist, Jensens, Plymouth etc) in different drinks, but for an all-rounder you can't beat MMWS.
Picked up a Shordace, wool Sapper and Allenwood from STP. Great deals right now. They also have Le Chameau wellies back in stock and a few pairs of Lambourne cords if you want to go for the total country squire look.
Sounds a bit like a variation on a Sunflower (a riff on the Corpse Reviver #2) with different proportions and the Balvenie subbing for the gin. Even the Peychaud echoes the absinthe in the Sunflower with its anise notes. Probably pretty tasty, but seems more of a cold weather cocktail to me with the high proportion of single malt.
Drunken Dodo from D&Co, didn't have Scarlet Ibis so used Zaya; its way too sweet and smooth for this drink. Wasn't that impressed, but if I try it again I'll use a more assertive rum. A nice Lirac with dinner should erase the disappointment.
Funny, same thing, I just bought a Barbour Riever and a wool Sapper.
The auctions above are all ending in about 5 hours.
Thank you! I try my best.
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