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Prob will put these on B&S or Ebay. GONE
These are on Ebay right now, Real Cape Buck truly amazing suede.
Accessories for next Fall/Winter: 2 Drakes scarves and a Drakes square. Cashmere-lined peccary gloves. For this Summer, if I decide to keep them, a pair of Kjobenhavn sunglasses.
New shoes: Alden NST Blucher in cigar shell cordovan. Couple of pairs of Heschungs.
Looks like a Frankensuit, pieces from 3 different suits cobbled together into an unholy monstrosity.
^^^Really nice G, great color and styling!
I lived in soho at that time and, like you, couldn't afford much at NR, but I did hit their sales. It was a great store and soho was an awesome place to live.That vest was a steal at that price, good catch.
Say no to hate, participate!
The Sulkas were in the same box as the New Republics, should have a Sulka Ich Dein pair somewhere around here as well (when Sulka went OOB they were giving them away). The EG are more recent.
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