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Huntsman, any opinion on Aveze vs Suze? I've got a bottle of Aveze somewhere around here, just need to dig it out.
With waxed cotton, wear it until it needs rewaxing, clean it with a sponge as much as possible and then instead of rewaxing it use Nikwax Cotton Proof to waterproof it. The jacket will breathe better but still shed water.
Thanks Razl, I appreciate the mention.
Thanks for including the AS for JC monkstraps I listed! I'll take $25 off if you mention this thread.
A BNIB pair of Alfred Sargent calf mahogany monkstraps in 12D, shoe bags and polishing cloth included. The shoes are on the 87 last and have leather soles. Currently selling for $525 on the J Crew website. Asking $400 shipped continental USA.
That's funny, I wish the jacket was an inch longer in the body.
Sadly, it used to sell for less than $20/btl, but this was in the 80s. For a brief shining moment this was my "house", more accurately apt, brandy when I worked in a wine shop as an undergrad.
Herring Shoes has Church Sahara Desert Boots with dark edged crepe soles for 1/2 price, delivered to the US they are roughly $180, so no duty charges. Colors are dark brown, navy and mud. I have them in navy and hematite with Dainite soles, mud with regular crepe soles and a pair of the dark brown coming from this sale. Great boots: very comfortable and good looking. Link: ...
Might be what's now called the Commander or Sport jacket (it's the non-tokito version of the jacket from Skyfall).
Its National Scotch Day, so having a Black Grouse as it seems a bit too warm for a single malt.
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