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And just for fun, since they are US 11.5, EG Crocodile Bals on the 202. Prob will throw them on Ebay at some point, still trying to figure out what they are worth, wore them once.
Lightly worn Barker Black Bal 2nds, think they are the Archdale model GONE
NIB Alfred Sargent Chelsea Boots:
Prob will put these on B&S or Ebay. GONE
These are on Ebay right now, Real Cape Buck truly amazing suede.
Accessories for next Fall/Winter: 2 Drakes scarves and a Drakes square. Cashmere-lined peccary gloves. For this Summer, if I decide to keep them, a pair of Kjobenhavn sunglasses.
New shoes: Alden NST Blucher in cigar shell cordovan. Couple of pairs of Heschungs.
Looks like a Frankensuit, pieces from 3 different suits cobbled together into an unholy monstrosity.
^^^Really nice G, great color and styling!
New Posts  All Forums: