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4-1 Martin Miller Westbourne Strength-Dolin Dry, dash of Reagan's Orange Bitters.
Funny, did that last night because I was out of olives. So used to having olives with it that it really was like a different drink.
A BNIB Dents graphite (dark grey) Carpincho suede gloves size 9, handsewn in the UK. The gloves are lined with grey Milanese silk. A great pair of gloves, $125 shipped Cont USA. Sold!
I'm thinking of selling a couple of my Barbour to help defray the costs of the new jackets I purchased (mentioned above) and wanted to see if there was any potential interest here before putting them up on EBay. The first is a Border in size 40, it wasn't worn much, but does have a patina due to being about 20 years old. It also has the removable acrylic pile liner. The second is an olive Sapper size L that I had Barbour slim down to a M fit (I needed the length of the...
You can substitute it for the Strega in a Rye Witch, or any cocktail that uses Strega, but yeah, not a lot of uses for it.
I picked up a couple of Barbour x Land Rover jackets from STP (Sand Storm and Driver) and was pleasantly surprised by how much better the details are compared to the regular Barbour offerings. Has anyone noticed the same thing with jackets from other capsule collections (i.e. Norton, White Mountaineering etc)?
Rum Martinez, used the smoking box and applewood chips.
I've got two pairs of BNIB John Lobb ankle boots on B&S:
Btw, drinking this tonight, may try smoking the next one: Redrum 1 1/2 oz dark rum 1/2 oz cherry liqueur 1/2 oz Campari 1/4 oz Cointreau 1/4 tsp of grated lime zest Shake with ice Double strain to take out zest No garnish. It's a really good Halloween cocktail.
Yes, as B1os quotes it uses a smoking gun that hooks into the box. WS had a 20% off promotion on bar ware, our local WS honored that for the smoking box, although online said it was excluded. It's really a fun toy.
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