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Sure, poor light and in a hurry this AM but these should give you the info.
I didn't know they were Sartoriale until they arrived, so I just lucked into them. Sartoriale are made in Italy and have a two button extra closure in the front that is an extension of the lining. These have a zipper, I'm not sure if a button fly actually denotes any particular Incotex quality level.
Wearing used slippers seems kind of gross.
20% off on selected items, including sale items. Picked up a pair of wool flat front Incos for $51, hope they fit. Got a box from Yoox yesterday with 2 pairs of Incotex Sartoriale, both in Super 120s flannel, one pair in blue the other in dark gray. They were pleated, so some here might not dig them, but at $78 each I didn't think twice.
Thanks! Any idea who made them? I've asked on a couple of other threads, but no one knows.
Don't have pics of the Grensons. Will take some soon.
I was surprised as well, I thought that the pictures on Yoox looked like bookbinder, but figured that it was worth a shot given the past quality of SM. As Meister says, CG is becoming more common among high-quality shoe makers, and that's really sad. Certainly more circumspection regarding shoes on Yoox may be warranted.That said, Yoox still remains a decent source for shoes, the Gruppo Clark fatte a mano Norvegese brogues and Grenson G1 suede brogues I picked up were...
Of course: Sorry for pics, didn't have time this morning to set them up nicely. The leather is thin and really plasticky, I've never been a fan of bookbinder, so back they'll go.
These are definitely bookbinder:http://www.yoox.com/us/44858796QB/item#dept=men&sts=sr_men80&cod10=44858796QB&sizeId=I bought a pair of the brown loafers you show in your post and they are regular calfskin. I also bought a pair of brogues and they are bookbinder and will be returned. Any of the absurdly shiny shoes like the ones I linked to above are, in all likelihood, bookbinder.
They are, but many high quality shoemakers use bookbinder. It's probably why they are so cheap on Yoox.
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