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A little postprandial '85 Gould-Campbell with walnuts.
Assuming AS made the Calvary chukkas, but if not would like to know.
Thanks, been wondering about that, did they use cocchi, Lilet or vermouth?
I've got a bottle of Aveze laying around, anybody know of a decent cocktail made with it? Tried one I found online and it tasted like my high school gym locker smelled.
13.25x4.375 but now on ebay.
Having an After the Storm, an Autumn riff on the Dark and Stormy. Really addictive, debating mixing up another batch.
Funny, I was coming to the same conclusion. I've done some of the simpler drinks, haven't had time to make any infusions, and thus far they seem kind of bland. Hoping that the sherry-based drinks are more interesting as they seem to specialize in them.
Cynartown from the D&C book, mostly because I didn't have to go digging around for anything to make it, and it looked good. Kind of a riff on a Negroni.
I've been thinking about doing that as well, weblock looks pretty good.Wonder if the mods know about this pop up?
Anyone viewing SF on a pad or iPhone getting an annoying redirect/pop up from tracking.performancerevenues.com?
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