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For sale 2 NWT Borrelli Luxury Vintage shirts 15.5/39, 100% cotton. One has light blue stripes on a white background and the other is a navy gingham. Great shirts, nice slim fit, just too small for me, so they've been sitting in the back of my closet. $70 shipped Cont USA.
Quick question for the guys on this thread, I'm going to sell a bnib Calibri pocket humidor (pure cedar with inlaid wood, very nice) and potentially a bnib Dunhill inlaid wood box humidor designed by David Linley. Would these sell on B&S, or would I be better off putting them on EBay? Any constructive advice is appreciated.
I have Smooth Ambler Barrel Aged Gin. It makes an interesting Negroni/Boulvardier hybrid.
Have you tried Carpano Antico rather than the Cocchi? It might work well with the Bluecoat and the Leopoldo Bros.
"Generously proportioned"-that's what she said!
Better fabrics and more handwork are the main things that make them better. Besides the Made in Italy tag, the additional closure system (3rd pic above) and the basting on all the pockets. Usually they'll also have a Sartoriale hanging tag, but these didn't, so it probably fell off.
Sure, poor light and in a hurry this AM but these should give you the info.
I didn't know they were Sartoriale until they arrived, so I just lucked into them. Sartoriale are made in Italy and have a two button extra closure in the front that is an extension of the lining. These have a zipper, I'm not sure if a button fly actually denotes any particular Incotex quality level.
Wearing used slippers seems kind of gross.
20% off on selected items, including sale items. Picked up a pair of wool flat front Incos for $51, hope they fit. Got a box from Yoox yesterday with 2 pairs of Incotex Sartoriale, both in Super 120s flannel, one pair in blue the other in dark gray. They were pleated, so some here might not dig them, but at $78 each I didn't think twice.
New Posts  All Forums: