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That's a function of parts of the jacket soaking through while other parts don't and some parts getting rubbed or stretched more than others. As the poster above said that can can only be achieved by wearing it over time.
This the first time in four or five years that they've had them.
Once you've worn it in the rain a couple of times the stickiness goes away. I wouldn't use a lint roller on it as it may leave residue that will prolong the process.
Sorry, my brother and I trade drink recipes all the time so abbreviations become second nature. But you nailed it Martin Miller Westbourne Strength, it's a great gin.
MMWS is my go to, I like several others (The Botanist, Jensens, Plymouth etc) in different drinks, but for an all-rounder you can't beat MMWS.
Picked up a Shordace, wool Sapper and Allenwood from STP. Great deals right now. They also have Le Chameau wellies back in stock and a few pairs of Lambourne cords if you want to go for the total country squire look.
Sounds a bit like a variation on a Sunflower (a riff on the Corpse Reviver #2) with different proportions and the Balvenie subbing for the gin. Even the Peychaud echoes the absinthe in the Sunflower with its anise notes. Probably pretty tasty, but seems more of a cold weather cocktail to me with the high proportion of single malt.
Drunken Dodo from D&Co, didn't have Scarlet Ibis so used Zaya; its way too sweet and smooth for this drink. Wasn't that impressed, but if I try it again I'll use a more assertive rum. A nice Lirac with dinner should erase the disappointment.
Funny, same thing, I just bought a Barbour Riever and a wool Sapper.
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