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I did, no notification, I just noticed that my Dreambox suddenly had a limit of 50 items. Really poor customer service by Yoox, they also didn't offer any explanation when I called to ask what had happened.
3-2-2 Margarita (tequila-lime-triple sec) up with guacamole. Having chili for dinner, but will switch to beer for that.
Found a couple of bottles of this I'd forgotten about in the cellar, so having one with leftovers. Its in incredible shape and just all around really nice. Actually may overshadow the 2002 Pommard from Christmas dinner.
Morgenthaler's egg nog (did the Velvet Tango Room's version last weekend) while my wife is trying to get the last kid in bed. Really good, its hard not to drink more of it than one glass! Started the evening with a Cable Car (probably my favorite Christmas cocktail) and had a '96 Pensees de LaFleur with dinner.
Started the evening with a Cable Car, to my mind the most Christmasy cocktail of all!
Brennan's Milk Punch, a vaguely lighter egg nog. I'll be making the Velvet Tango Room's egg nog tomorrow night for Christmas Eve and use what's left for French Toast on Christmas Day.
Your individual Yoox Superstar code is situationally stackable, it just depends on the promotion; sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, sometimes they'll tell you it's stackable and sometimes they won't but it may still be stackable. At this point I always try it because you never know if it'll work or not.
Looks like the 40% off doesn't work for this pair of boots.
Thanks Razl! Mention Razlberry Dressing (Mr Magoo A Christmas Carol reference) and take $5 off the Dents Carpincho gloves.
Thanks Razl, thanks TD! Btw, mention Razlberry Dressing (Mr Magoo A Christmas Carol reference) and take $5 off.
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