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I'll shoot a better pick and post it.
Ordered a large, I'm a 41L so generally take a larger 40L or trim 42L, and it fit a little tight across the chest and the sleeves worked but couldn't be turned up as they should be. Have ordered an XL, I'll report back on how it fits.Quality is outstanding. The color, at least on the Loden, was distorted in the photo. The Loden is darker and less yellow, exactly what I was hoping. Can't say if other colors aren't accurately depicted, but they could be.
Thanks, actually ordered the boot and a sweater. ^^^ don't know about the fit other than what's on the site, but Scottish cashmere is the best in the world and Hawick is renowned for its knitwear.
Potentially interested depending on price
Should post size for #2 and lasts for all of them. Go to your profile to list items in your signature.
Just got the same msg.
Just checked IG timeline, a week ago, so certainly gone.
^^^thanks for the heads up. Sent an email, but expecting them to be gone by now.
Check ebay for Collonil in the US, prices from a cobbler out of OH are good and they carry 1909. I've gotten brushes and 1909 polish from them and was pleased with their products and service.
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