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I use a glass instead, but that's how the recipe was written.
The Sunflower is simply a Corpse Reviver #2 with St Germain substituted for the Kina, its a really tasty drink and dead easy to make.This one is also nice:Cucumber Cocktail3/4 oz. St. Germain elderflower liqueur1 1/2 oz. Hendrick’s Gin3/4 oz. fresh-squeezed lime juice1/4 oz. simple syrupTonic waterCucumber slicesFresh mint leavesIn a cocktail shaker, combine St. Germain, gin, lime juice, simple syrup, cucumber slices, and several mint leaves. Using a muddling tool or...
Unfortunately not every item is modeled, e.g.
Occasionally they put the actual measurements of a jacket's length in the description, but in general they don't give you any real size guidance beyond the chest measurement. I also need a long in suits/jackets and out of probably 20 ordered from Yoox only one was actually a long.
I also spent several thousand, but I had a lot of returns. The amount of incorrect/incomplete sizing information on Yoox makes ordering a crapshoot, as even familiar brands may have been altered so that the fit is completely different than expected, resulting in frequent returns. I'm wondering if Yoox is trying to slowly eliminate the Superstar program?
I did, no notification, I just noticed that my Dreambox suddenly had a limit of 50 items. Really poor customer service by Yoox, they also didn't offer any explanation when I called to ask what had happened.
3-2-2 Margarita (tequila-lime-triple sec) up with guacamole. Having chili for dinner, but will switch to beer for that.
Found a couple of bottles of this I'd forgotten about in the cellar, so having one with leftovers. Its in incredible shape and just all around really nice. Actually may overshadow the 2002 Pommard from Christmas dinner.
Morgenthaler's egg nog (did the Velvet Tango Room's version last weekend) while my wife is trying to get the last kid in bed. Really good, its hard not to drink more of it than one glass! Started the evening with a Cable Car (probably my favorite Christmas cocktail) and had a '96 Pensees de LaFleur with dinner.
Started the evening with a Cable Car, to my mind the most Christmasy cocktail of all!
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