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I really like it.. It seems like a perfect tie for casual settings. Is there anywhere I could purchase a similar tie/a tie of this type?
^^ I think that would be problematic if the rise/seat is too large, no? That's the problem I have with a few of my pants, which I no longer wear (I had them altered other than the seat/rise, and now they just look odd.) I've also had pants recut with little success, so I just have a bunch of butchered pants that no longer fit... I would recommend finding brands that have the same aesthetic you're looking for (RLPL/BL, Paul Smith, some Isaia/Canali, to name a few) and...
Does anyone know when the next price cut for sale items is? Wasn't it sometime in early february last year?
I think it is the same as this sportcoat, which sold for $571 on ebay (granted, it was a 38r). In any case, a good deal and while I'm here I can vouch for rssmsvc as a seller; I just bought a rlpl blazer from him and it was a very smooth and pleasant transaction. If this was a 38r I'd be all over it.
I've only worn each of mine two to three times (I don't really get a chance to wear suits that often) but I don't see why the quality of the fabric would be any worse than my other suits and it feels much nicer to the touch. I'm definitely not an expert on the matter, though...
I have a men's jacket by him, but it was a sample piece. If you bought it in a store it is most likely a woman's bag. But, it's not that bad from what I can see of it. If you don't feel comfortable with it I would probably return it, unless you are sure that you'll become more accustomed to it with time.
How much does it cost? I would think the MTM program would be quite expensive and for the same money I'd rather go elsewhere. I've never been disappointed by the cloth, though (although I've never paid retail for it either)..
Am I alone in my preference for non-square end knit ties? They seem to be nearly impossible to find.
Would you be willing to do cmt (ie. I supply a fabric for the suit/jacket?) ? If so, how much would this cost? Thanks.
Interested in seeing pics/measurements (if possible, just off the 48's you have..) Thanks.
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