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If only the pow sport coat was a suit....
I kind of like this ballantyne coat but it's a 38 .. Anyway, you could always buy it just to try it on (it's only $5 to return, if I'm not mistaken..)
Any chance you could get any of those Asprey's in a 30? I'd be interested in buying multiple pairs if you can..
I'm thinking about getting a pair of these bikkembergs from yoox...
I usually wear an 11-11.5(closer to 11) in most shoes and I wear a 10 (UK) for the starr's..
I'm pretty sure those were from the buying+selling forum..
I have a cotton/nylon rain coat that fits like a box (eu50 (it should be eu, but sometimes I think it's way too big for that to make sense) that I want to sell. Navy blue, 4-button.. I can take pictures if you're interested. I also have a 100% polypropylene (weird material) black/grey argyle sweater that's an eu46, but is too big for me right now. But it's also pretty short. I wouldn't mind selling that either. I think I have a blazer or two sitting around...
gah, no shipping to canada sucks.
Wow, that was fast... If you could get #3 in a eu48 I would be very interested..
I'm starting to feel bad because I'm starting to think this isn't just some really bad elaborate joke and that eric glennie is probably in a huge amount of debt/delusion thinking these ideas will somehow end up working..... It makes me want to buy a shirt from him out of pity, but I don't want to encourage this behaviour.....
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