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If it's more of a cream, I would wear dark brown suede shoes.
+1. No vent, low gorge, wide lapels, probably heavily padded shoulders... I would pass (I've had experience with this seller and the suits I bought were 10-15 years old, and I expect this is the same...)
42R Purple Label Suit 195GBP right now, with no bids.. Mislabelled as "Puple Label".. You'd have to ask for shipping overseas, but I don't think that would be a problem. With shipping it'll probably come out to about $450-500, which isn't a bad deal...
pm sent
Anything that brings in publicity helps PETA's cause.... But, the commentaries are really unnecessary and off-putting - attacks on character are not the greatest way to change people's minds, and it makes it seem rather petty. Makes a good cause seem frivolous and superficial, imo.
Any chance these would fit an 11?
double post..
I don't think so. Both are produced by luxottica (sp?) if I'm not mistaken; probably to different specifications, but I would bet good money that the difference in "quality" is not too noticeable and they will last you as long as the regular line. That being said, $150 is a rather cheap price for the glasses (unless on sale, but sunglasses don't really go on sale during the summer...), -- I would probably ask for some certificate of authenticity etc as fakes are...
If you (or anyone else who finds rlpl stuff regularly) can find the matching pants (and vest, if possible. but more interested in the pants+coat) I would be very interested in the 40 (or a 38- which would be better, if you could find that by any chance) Thanks
i was going to send an email, but its already been way too long..
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